Geopolitical curtsy

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Trades with the exchange of prisoners cannot testify to the unconditional implementation of the decision of the Maritime Tribunal.
Going back down, Moscow is simply trying to make a good face on a bad game, having won time for itself on the eve of a decision by the Maritime Tribunal regarding the existence of jurisdiction to consider violations of the Russian Federation against Ukraine in the Black Sea.
In addition, the geopolitical curtsy is also due to the fact that a month later a vote must be taken in the Council of the International Maritime Organization, which is of paramount importance on the impact of the work of this Organization.
In fact, in the absence of instruments to enforce the decision of the International Tribunal, it was IMO who was assigned the role of becoming a lever of influence on the aggressor for the systematic refusal to execute the verdicts of the highest maritime court, the use of civilian infrastructure in Black for military purposes for electronic intelligence and unauthorized interference with international ship identification systems (AIS).
Today, the Organization is actively used by the international community as a motivator for Moscow. In the summer of this year, the Organization has already taken a number of important steps, firstly, the document “Safety of navigation in the northern region of the Black Sea, the Sea of ​​Azov and the Strait of Kerch” was worked out as confirmation of the Russian Federation turning sea areas into a “gray zone” for international shipping and measures to counter attempts the legitimization of the ARC by the Russian Federation “within the walls” of IMO.
Secondly, IMO has prepared new requirements to reduce the sulfur content in marine fuel from 3.5% to 0.5%. The IMO has declared that such measures are intended only to reduce the harmful emissions of sea transport into the atmosphere, however, they may well shake the fragile state of the Russian economy under conditions of sanction pressure.
Through IMO, the International Community is also able to initiate the suspension of the status of the Russian Federation in the IMO Council under “Category A” (the highest status of more than 10 maritime states), as well as the closure for ships flying the flag of the Russian Federation and owned by Russian companies, with captains of citizens of the Russian Federation, a complete ban Russian classification societies (primarily the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping) and sanctions not only on it, but also on all structures using their services, thus blocking any activity of Russia in the international maritime ce.
It is through RMRS that Russia carries out “economic expansion” in the occupied waters of Crimea, ensures a military presence in the Black Sea region, and that is why it is so important for it.

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