Reactions to Azeri Advancement In Western Direction Of Border Turn Out To Be Complete Surprise For Armenia

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The ongoing dangerous confrontation in Azerbaijan’s separatist Nagorno-Karabakh has further escalated and switched to the state borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the western direction, where a series of border skirmishes have claimed several lives and threaten to grow into an unavoidable and large-scaled war.

Contrary to traditional summer tranquility of previous years, August 2019 has all the signs that the tension will further mount. Through August reports keep coming about border skirmishes between the entrenched armies of the two nations with growing number of fatalities.

On 16 August, Baku officially confirmed the seizure of strategic heights in the neutral zone on the border with Armenia. Official Yerevan remained tight-lipped for several days and finally decided to verbally counterattack and claim vice versa.

A little known Armenian military expert was quick to claim that it was his nation who advanced in the Qazax direction and took control of 140 ha of lands as well as the Azerbaijani-Georgian road, which was ridiculed by the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry.

Armed with an arsenal of fake news, the Armenian Defense Ministry launched a virtual offensive to claim the opposite and assure “civilian” Armenians that no territory can withstand the military advantage of the glorious occupying army in the South Caucasus and that over the past 24 hours, the military under the commander-in-chief Nikol Pashinyan managed to establish control not only over large territories, but also strategic communications going to Georgia from Azerbaijan. Hurray, well done, unconquered army soon to join all Armenian lands and create an Armenian empire. Alas, absurdity to put it mildly knows no boundaries in performance of Armenians.

However, in essence, there is a replication of primitive notions, like reports that the Armenians “took the road from Azerbaijan to Georgia at gunpoint”. It is vital to be aware of the difference between used terminologies – to take “under control” and “under gunpoint” is not identical.

The Armenians possibly established remote monitoring devices of the interstate road connecting Azerbaijan and Georgia and no need to be a pundit to differentiate the incompetent and hastily use of fake news coined at fake shops to see how the report challenges not only Azerbaijan but also Georgia – Armenia’s only and partially remaining road to access to foreign lands.

These all are occurring out of inexperience and lack of knowledge of the situation in the South Caucasus. The clumsy content cannot be left out of Tbilisi’s attention, with which Yerevan is also launching dangerous games, causing great and well-founded suspicions of separatism.

The strategists of the Armenian Defense Ministry, casting a shadow over the fence, evade direct media questions when they are asked to comment on the meaning and content of the eloquently voiced “reports” on the movement of troops along the dividing lines. If you believe in the loud reports, it turns out that in the Naxcivan and Qazax directions, the units of the Armenian armed forces are intensively attacking Azerbaijanis, and the latter are quietly and silently retreating without taking any response.

This point explains the failure of the Armenian military officials, who not only find it difficult, but also refuse to voice the exact parameters of the latest “territorial acquisitions”. All the while, a false turn is being promoted about “improving the position of the Armenian army.”

It comes to the point of absurdity, because nothing corresponds to the current state of affairs. Otherwise, the drafters of fakes would not have wrapped up fictitious successes in the fog. As an excuse, they cite beaten message, saying, it was not appropriate to make a loud public relations out of their own successes though this government in Armenia is hungry for any slightest win.

But there is no success as such. The paradox is that it is the Azerbaijani troops that advance in various segments of the border. Clearly carrying out the commands of the Pashinyan government amid deepening political confrontation with the Karabakh clan, they fabricate new fables to pull the wool over “long-suffering” Armenians.

To give credibility to the fables, military experts are involved in the campaign of fooling the laymen, who are exaggerating rumors about the military prowess not in serious media resources, but in social media. Actually, the fact of the lack of legal information from government departments and structures sheds light on the absurdity and false essence of the messages themselves.

And Azerbaijan, as befits a self-respecting party, breaks the silence if there is an urgent need for this. And it does this through the mouths of official representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the State Border Service as was done on August 16 by the State Border Service that border guards took a number of strategic heights on the border with Armenia.

In order to overshadow the superiority of Azerbaijanis, the military, together with bloggers and home-grown experts, they in Armenia switched to a massive adornment of the situation in their favor.

Of course, cheap moves and sensations, built on ephemeral fabrications, do not cause alarm in Baku, but, on the contrary, reveal the wrong side of Armenian emotional experience. And for them there are reasons. It was not without reason that in Yerevan they came up with an excuse by claiming that “they avoid talking about achievements so as not to put the military under attack.”

Official Baku is pushed to similar moves and frankly speaking this is less than a drop as against the wish and insistence of the Azerbaijani nation, calling for once and for all liberation of the captured lands. These moves are designed to compel Yerevan to resume negotiations on Karabakh. After 2016, Azerbaijan is confidently holding its ground and does not give the enemy a chance to seize the initiative.

After the brief April war, the Azerbaijani army took control over heights and strategic hills in the neutral zone in Naxcivan, when the military and border guards of Azerbaijan came close to the enemy’s borders. The same thing is repeated along the demarcation line with Armenia, in addition to the Karabakh territories.

To prevent the enemy from sweeping the sea of propaganda sabotage, the roof is forced to fall, Baku is forced to do what it does – it strengthens the stock of military-strategic strength.

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