COVID-19 Pandemic Mars Election Show Of Armenia In Occupied Azerbaijani Land

In the shadow of the global COVID-19 pandemic, on March 31, voters from Azerbaijan’s breakaway region, ruled by a clique of the military junta in civilian attire, were ordered to go to the “polls to elect a president and parliamentarians”. Official Yerevan has been funding and repeating the same “democratic elections” show every five years […]

Pandemic of the crisis of power in Russia

The most serious challenge for the Russian elite since Putin’s autocracy has risked the collapse of the entire architecture of power built on lies, theft, manual control and hypnotic control of the population. The political and economic consequences of the pandemic and crisis in Russia may be most unpredictable and dangerous. Falsity, cynicism, greed, venality, […]

Doing business amid plague: Kremlin sends ventilators to U.S., while Russian regions lack such equipment

I believe everyone remembers the recent tirades by U.S. President Donald Trump about Russia sending “humanitarian aid” to America with lots very useful equipment. And when Donald Trump claimed it was humanitarian aid, I noted to myself that we should better wait for details about the actual nature of its cargo, bearing in mind the […]

Russia’s “aid” for U.S. pure PR stunt aimed at having sanctions lifted – Ukraine’s senior diplomat

For Putin his own image matters more,” Bozhok noted “Russia helps everyone but Russians, who are the first one Kremlin should care about during COVID2019,” Bozhok wrote on Twitter , commenting on the news by the Russian Mission to the UN on the arrival of Russia’s alleged aid to the U.S. “But for Putin his […]

Winning The Peace Against Coronavirus

Europe is awash with war talk. Emmanuel Macron and other leaders have proclaimed that their countries are at war. Angela Merkel and Giuseppe Conte have described the COVID-19 crisis as the gravest hitting their countries since World War II. War-like metaphors point to the human cost of the pandemic, the scale of the mobilisation required […]