UK rejects EU’s Northern Ireland ‘solutions’

European Commission re-floated previously proposed solutions on trade of medicines, guide dogs and animals between Britain and Northern Ireland. The U.K. on Monday rejected the European Commission’s proposals for “solutions” to ease trade friction between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain, which Brussels set out in two so-called non-papers published earlier the same day. The two […]

Fault Lines Widen in the Global Recovery

Economic prospects have diverged further across countries since the April 2021 World Economic Outlook (WEO) forecast. Vaccine access has emerged as the principal fault line along which the global recovery splits into two blocs: those that can look forward to further normalization of activity later this year (almost all advanced economies) and those that will […]

ROCinU implements its large-scale hybrid campaign in the very heart of Ukraine

Religion is beyond politics. Many confessions in Ukraine live by this principle except one, for which participation in the country’s political life has become a strategic necessity. And it could probably be tolerated better if such participation was due to some mercantile goals, but in reality, the goals are completely different — it’s about threatening […]

First time in history, Russian State Duma may become internationally unrecognized

In May 2021, I published an op-ed called “Illegal 2021 elections to Russian State Duma as threat to ‘legitimize’ occupied part of Donbas.” In this article, I described in detail that the statement by the secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party, Andrei Turchak, on the possibility of residents of the occupied territories […]

NATO vs Russia: Dangerous Games

It seems that the Black Sea has recently become more and more an arena of confrontation between NATO and Russia. Another confirmation of this was the large-scale military exercises Sea Breeze 2021, which were recently completed in the region, which Ukraine hosted, writes Alexi Ivanov, Moscow correspondent. The Sea Breeze — 2021 exercises are the most […]

Migration crisis in Lithuania as well-organized joint op by Russian, Belarusian intelligence

Russia and Belarus have set up an illegal migration channel to European countries through the Baltic States. There is a possibility that among the migrants trafficked are figures affiliated with terrorist organizations. The organizers behind the effort thoroughly instruct migrants originating from Asian and African countries before they penetrate Lithuania’s border from neighboring Belarus. That’s […]

Understanding Russia’s Cyber Strategy

The Russian Federation’s willingness to engage in offensive cyber operations has caused enormous harm, including massive financial losses, interruptions to the operation of critical infrastructure, and disruptions of crucial software supply chains. The variety and frequency of these operations, as well as the resulting attribution efforts, have offered an unusually vivid picture of Russia’s cyber […]

China, Ukraine agree to work together on road, bridge and railway projects

Cooperation agreement signed days after Kiev withdrew from joint statement urging Beijing to allow UN human rights chief into Xinjiang Ukraine needs Chinese infrastructure investment and access to its market and is trying to balance relations with Beijing and the West, analysts say China and Ukraine have agreed to boost cooperation on infrastructure projects, days […]

US, EU and Britain Slap sanctions on Belarus Officials, Companies

The United States, the European Union and Britain imposed sweeping sanctions on Belarusian entities and officials on Monday (21 June) and called on Minsk “to end its repressive practices against its own people”, write Robin Emmott and Sabine Siebold, Reuters. The allies together with Canada also told the administration of President Alexander Lukashenko to cooperate with investigations […]

Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: A Higher EU Ambition

The foreign ministers of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine are together in Brussels on Thursday (24 June) for their first joint visit to the EU since the three countries formalised the format of ‘Associated Trio’ last May. This exclusive opinion by David Zalkaliani, Aureliu Ciocoim and Dmytro Kuleba highlights their countries’ higher EU ambition. David Zalkaliani, […]