The number of populations, who lived in extremely poverty has been reduced to the historical minimum

Mariam Shport Research Fellow. Graduate of the International Black Sea University    Good news is less scandalous and as it is the rule, they are spread hardly. Anyway, it is necessary to point out, that in 2018, the percentage of population, who lived in poverty has reached the historic minimum and unfortunately there was no […]

Выборы в Европарламент: Европа между Макроном и Сальвини

Вот уже как год я пытаюсь объяснить нашим европейским партнёрам из различных правительственных организаций, что результаты выборов в Европарламент вообще ничего не значат: вся эта победа людей, выступающих за единую Европу, – обыкновенная блажь. Ведь абсолютно не важно, что проевропейским силам удастся создать широкую коалицию, прибавив к своему блоку либералов Макрона, важно другое – продолжающийся […]

A Pitch for a Nationwide 5G Network Tailor-Made for Trump’s 2020 Campaign

Earlier this spring, Karl Rove, the veteran Republican strategist, was making the rounds in Congress to talk up Rivada Networks, a telecommunications company with a 5G business model predicated on partnering with the Department of Defense. Rove, a registered lobbyist for and investor in Rivada, met with staff members of the Senate Armed Services Committee […]

Xi’s Belt-Road Initiative: Recalibration, Strategic Imperatives

The second Belt-Road Forum (BRF) was held in Beijing from 25-27 April 2019. The three-day event was organized to promote the ‘Belt-Road Initiative’ (BRI) – President Xi Jinping’s multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure development and investment venture. The Summit was attended by 40 global leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, China’s two […]

Populism And The People

They do not all look the same. But group them together and they clearly form a political family: Orbán, Erdoğan, Kaczyński, Trump, Modi, perhaps Netanyahu, Bolsonaro for sure. It would be a mistake to homogenise what are, after all, fundamentally different national trajectories: the causes of the rise of right-wing populism are not identical in […]

Ecologic Problems of the Modern World and their Impact on the International Politics

Introduction Environment and its such resources, as water, air, always were the necessary conditions for the human`s life and activities. But, during the many centuries of the history of mankind, environment was not represented the problem neither for the humanity, nor for its further sustainable development. Environment and natural resources were offering the satisfaction the […]