Ukrainian Public & Political Figures, US Ambassadors Support Relations Between The Two Nations

Kyiv Security Forum expresses gratitude to the distinguished Ukrainian politicians, diplomats and civic activists for their support of the appeal to the American leaders and society on the importance of protecting the Ukrainian-American strategic partnership. Statement On the Ukrainian-American Strategic Partnership We, the representatives of Ukrainian politics, civil society, and the expert community, are deeply […]

Plutocratic Opposition Surging In Moldova

Fugitive billionaire Vladimir Plahotniuc’s godson, Andrian Candu, is spearheading an operation to regain a share of power in Moldova, under the guise of a parliamentary coalition. Plahotniuc was Moldova’s de facto ruler, flanked by Candu (then-chairperson of the parliament), until the June 2019 regime change, when Plahotniuc fled the country. Despite his absence, Plahotniuc’s Democratic […]

The Doomed Treaty: Russia’s View On The New START

The Donald Trump administration has signaled that it is not interested in prolonging the New START strategic nuclear weapons limitation treaty after its expiration in February 2021, expressing the need to focus on the strategic threats emanating from China instead; this has seriously complicated the Kremlin’s position on the ten-year-old arms-control regime. Moscow’s strategic nuclear […]

Recovering From COVID-19: These Are The Risks To Anticipate Now – Before It’s Too Late

The Forum asked 350 of the world’s top risk experts to assess the most likely and most concerning fallout risks from COVID-19 over the next 18 months. The findings highlight: the economy, cybersecurity, environment and social anxiety as the top concerns. The perceived emerging risks serve as a warning of how things could turn out […]

US-Iran Hostility In The Pandemic Era

The United States and Iran are both being savaged by COVID-19, but there has been no let-up in their mutual hostility. President Donald Trump has ramped up his policy of ‘maximum pressure’ to tame the Iranian Islamic regime in conformity with what he regards as America’s geopolitical interests. Iran’s clerical leadership has refused to soften […]

One Year Of President Zelenskiy: Did “Ze” Bite Off More Than He Could Chew?

One year ago Volodymyr Zelenskiy became President of Ukraine, following a landslide victory. Fed up with corrupt political elites, Ukrainians were hungry for new faces. Zelenskiy fitted the bill. He promised to “break the system” of corruption and oligarchy, bring peace to Ukraine’s east and improve the population’s economic well-being – a tall order for […]

While Russia aims to use a proven strategy and see the lifting of sanctions by the EU, the Kremlin’s ultimate concern is to restore former imperial greatness.

Moscow is desperately trying to use the coronavirus period to gain political preferences from Europe, which is primarily busy with the response to the consequences of the pandemic crisis. COVID-19 has forced Russia to change its tactics, although its strategy to weaken the European Union, undermine Euro-Atlantic solidarity and revive the empire remains unchanged. Along […]

Rejecting Predecessors’ Karabakh Policies, Armenian Premier Pushes Azerbaijan Into A Military Solution

In 2018, Armenia’s opposition politician MP Nikol Pashinyan in public protests ousted the then short-lived premier Serzh Sargsyan and soon replaced him. Hopes were high at the outset that the new face of the Armenian politics would renounce his predecessors’ aggressive and occupying policies and undertake energetic and sensible steps to have the long-drawn-out Karabakh […]

Turkey’s Growing Military Expeditionary Posture

A glance at the Turkish Armed Forces’ recent combat record demonstrates that Turkey’s defense policy now extends well beyond its borders. Drones loitering in the Syrian airspace, navy frigates along the Libyan coast, Turkish military advisors in Tripoli alongside Government of National Accord (GNA) formations, mountain commando units operating in northern Iraq, and high-ranking Turkish […]