For the first time in 20 years. Why is Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu going to Kiev

After a 20-year break, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will pay an official visit to Ukraine. In addition to resolving interstate issues, his arrival in Ukraine can be considered part of the election campaign on the eve of early parliamentary elections. What topics can be raised during his meetings in Kiev, as well as how […]

“Crocodiles of Tears” of the head of the Russian foreign intelligence service in Kyrgyzstan

Russia seeks to blow up Central Asia to become China’s exclusive geopolitical partner. Kyrgyzstan in the blasting Kremlin game is just the beginning of a major party to loosen stability in the countries of potential participants in the Chinese mega-project “One Belt – One Way”. One of the top topics in the international policy of […]

Moscow’s Slow-Motion Ethnic Engineering In Occupied Crimea Accelerating

When a government engages in mass murder or forcible deportations, most observers see that as a clear sign of ethnic engineering – even if there are unresolved debates as to whether such actions fall under the terms of the international convention against genocide. Yet, when the powers that be change the composition of the population […]

Another attempt to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of U.S. partners over arms-related issues

As we know, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky went on an official visit to Turkey. Ahead of his visit, an “Attempt No. 2” was made by the Kremlin propaganda machine to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of Western partners over the so-called “arms shipments” to Libya. This wave of tarring reports, which, by the way, […]

”I Should Have Screamed More” – Saakashvili on 2008 War

Former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili opens up over the disappointments, betrayals and deals made in the run-up to the 2008 war.   IWPR: Looking back at things from a decade-long perspective, do you think the West has learned any lessons from the 2008 war?  Saakashvili: The thing is, the West is motivated by several […]

Will President Zelensky, with his own majority, overcome corruption in the country?

Corruption in Ukraine is an acute problem that has been going on for a long time. The fight against corruption has already become a “catch-all” slogan of many parties running for Parliament and presidential candidates. In almost all cases, the promise was never fulfilled. Sometimes, of course, parties or presidents broadcast the fight in the […]

Burying Hopes For A Peaceful Outcome Of Karabakh Impasse, Armenia Chooses War Option. But When?

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has buried hopes for a peaceful resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and left open only a war option. The sides have reached an impasse and now everyone guesses when the first shot will be made and who will be the first shooter. Well, we wonder what have made experts and […]

Russia’s hybrid war in Ukraine, counteraction and threats

  On Tuesday, July 30, this year, the first regional training in the framework of the NATO-Ukraine Platform was held in Odessa. The theme of this event was: “Hybrid war of the Russian Federation in Ukraine: how to recognize and prevent”. The main purpose of the event is to convey what challenges, threats, counteraction exist, […]

Burak Pehlivan: What to expect from Zelensky’s trip to Turkey

Volodymyr Zelensky, elected as president in Ukraine with a record 73 percent of the vote on April 21, also achieved an unprecedented absolute majority for his Servant of the People party in parliament in the July 21 election. His party now controls 254 out of 424 seats. With this victory, the public’s expectation will be […]

OSINT group reveals Russia’s anti-Ukrainian info campaign ahead of Zelensky’s visit to Turkey

It seems that in Libya, a real hunt has been launched for IL-76 aircraft, owned by companies with Ukrainian registration. Within less than two weeks after two Il-76TDs were destroyed at the Al-Jufra airfield, it became known that the Libyan National Army of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, supported by Moscow, launched a UAV airstrike at […]