Russian Views of the Saudi Oil Facility Attacks

The September 14 attack on the Saudi oil facilities at Buqayq and Khurais was allegedly committed by Yemen’s Houthi militants—although it was more likely carried out with Iranian assistance or even by Tehran itself. Indeed, the Saudi Ministry of Defense claims the drone and cruise missile strikes were delivered from the north, thus pointing to […]

History Shows Impeachment Battles Risky & Unpredictable

  President Donald Trump made history this past week, but not the kind he had hoped for. Trump is now the fourth U.S. president to become the subject of an impeachment inquiry, the U.S. constitutional process whereby Congress may remove a president from office. But if history is any guide, both sides should take note […]

Azerbaijan Key Country Linking U.S. To Central Asia, Afghanistan

Official Baku is ready to engage in other energy projects of mutual interest, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov said at the Caspian Business Forum in the U.S. The minister underscored that for last three decades Azerbaijan has been a reliable and credible partner of the U.S. in the region, including the strategic engagement in the […]

France Can’t Be Fair Mediator In Karabakh Problem Unless Paris Abandons Pro-Armenian Bias

Since Azerbaijan has gained independence and established diplomatic relations with France, the latter has so far had several ambassadors representing official Paris in Baku. The latest French ambassador presented his credentials to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev a few days ago and sounded his nation’s alleged determination to step up efforts for the resolution of the […]

Steinmeier’s Formula: Its Background & Development In The Normandy & Minsk Processes

The Minsk One and Minsk Two “agreements” (September 2014 and February 2015) dictated to Ukraine to accept a constitutional special status for the Russian-controlled Donetsk-Luhansk territory; to amnesty those criminally involved in seizing local administrations there; and to authorize new local elections to be held in that territory “under Ukrainian law” (i.e., for the existing […]

Financial resources must be concentrated in Eastern Ukraine

The former Minister of Finance believes that “the Donbas region must be the face of reforms Ukraine wants to launch an international plan for the economic recovery of the eastern territories that are controlled by Kiev and that are close to the front line with the secessionists supported by Russia. Since 2014, after the Russian […]

Spy passions or the Ukrainian “shoe about to drop” for Mr.Trump

A year and a half ago, CNN released a half-joking story that compared the width of the legs of the classic “dictatorial” costumes of US President Donald Trump and DPRK President Kim Jong-un. “Forget about the arms race – we are talking about the trouser race,” CNN said. It seems that the scandal surrounding the […]

How Turkey Managed To Escape Tough Sanctions Amid Confrontation With EU & U.S.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has succeeded in hitting where it hurts the European Union and the U.S., and those sore spots made it possible for Ankara to deviate from its traditional pro-Western course that Turkey once consistently remained loyal but got nothing in return for loyalty and one of the key NATO ally. Recep […]

U.S. extraction of top spy leaves chairs rocking under senior Russian officials – media

Among other things, Smolenkov allegedly conveyed to Americans plenty of valuable intelligence on military issues. The story of a CIA mole in the Russian government, Oleg Smolenkov, who recent media reports say was exfiltrated to the U.S. via Montenegro back in 2017 amid looming threats of being exposed, led to negative consequences for a number […]

Military Options Against Iran Realistic As U.S. Reveals Who Is Behind The Saudi Drone Attack

The attacks on Saudi oil facilities that took off 5.7 million bpd from global oil production were launched from southwestern Iran, a U.S. government official claims. A team of U.S. security experts who traveled to Saudi Arabia to examine the wreckage of the drones and cruise missiles fired against Aramco’s Khurais field and the Abqaiq […]