Reactions to Azeri Advancement In Western Direction Of Border Turn Out To Be Complete Surprise For Armenia

The ongoing dangerous confrontation in Azerbaijan’s separatist Nagorno-Karabakh has further escalated and switched to the state borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the western direction, where a series of border skirmishes have claimed several lives and threaten to grow into an unavoidable and large-scaled war. Contrary to traditional summer tranquility of previous years, August 2019 […]

Pro-Kremlin Actors Fuel Anti-Turkish Sentiment In Georgia To Divert Attention From Russia

Over the past few months in Georgia, the spread of narratives regarding the threat of “Turkish expansionism” has intensified, as a number of pro-Kremlin actors, including media outlets and far-right Facebook pages, have increasingly characterized Turkey as an emerging existential threat for Georgia. Turkey and Georgia have built a strong economic, diplomatic, and strategic relationship […]