What Taliban forgot at Hagia Sophia

A provocation was reported in the Hagia Sophia, which grew into manipulation across Russian media. Curious developments unfolded yesterday in Istanbul and — oddly enough — in the info space of Ukraine’s hybrid neighbor Russia. In the Hagia Sophia, someone allegedly unfurled the Taliban flag. At least, that’s what a “respected” and influential agency INTERFAX […]

Kremlin uses Belarusian “opposition” leader to draw Kyiv into a game against Minsk

In 2014, streams of Russian journalists, opposition figures, and activists literally rushed to Ukraine, all at once and without any logical justification, allegedly seeking some kind of refuge from Vladimir Putin’s criminal, totalitarian rule. Over the past years, however, those who have found refuge in Ukraine have been retransmitting narratives compromising Ukraine and playing along […]

Wrong time to relax: the intelligence agency has named the main threats Ukraine is facing

A hybrid war, an armed conflict, Russia’s aggressive policy towards internal socio-economic and political processes in Ukraine, attempts by Kremlin authorities to undermine support for our state at the international level – these are the main threats Ukraine is facing, according to an assessment by the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. Russian political regime’s strategic […]

Ukraine’s top intelligence official talks Russian threats in media domain

Head of Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service Valeriy Kondratiuk has elaborated on major threats coming from Russian in the information space. In an op-ed Kondratiuk penned for ZN.ua, he wrote Russia’s attempts to dominate the Ukrainian information space are among the prerequisites for building up aggression against the country. Russian government’s strategic goals, despite all cosmetic […]

Wagner PMC in Belarus: wannabe tourists or inconvenient witnesses to Russian war crimes

The arrest of the Wagner PMC fighters in Belarus has put Russia in a very uncomfortable position. After all, now not only are the Kremlin and its affiliated media resources forced to come up with excuses, explaining how come their militants emerged in the neighboring “fraternal” and “allied” country, they’re also desperate to find ways […]

Big fuss in Belarus, or “Montenegro 2.0”

In 2016, law enforcers in Montenegro, a country that’s far from being Russia’s immediate neighbor, busted a group plotting a violent coup in the country, aiming to topple Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, the leader of the Democratic Party of Socialists. Around 500 people were set to be engaged in the attempt, divided into three groups, […]

Azerbaijani, Turkish Troops Hold Large-Scale Military Drills

Azerbaijani and Turkish armed forces are gearing up for military drills that will take place over two weeks in Azerbaijan. The Land Forces and the Air Force of the two neighboring countries will be involved in the Live Fire Joint Large-Scale Tactical and Flight-Tactical Exercises. The Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan reported on Monday that the exercises are organized […]

Armenia Accused of Selling Arms to Terrorists

Hikmet Hajiyev, the head of the foreign policy affairs department within the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, has accused the government of Armenia of illicit weapons trade and urged other countries to be cautious in their relations with Yerevan.  “The Armenian military and political leadership creates bogus companies, and weapons purchased at low prices are then […]

Foiled military coup in Germany and Russia’s global footprint

A rather interesting piece on Die Zeit told about a thwarted coup in Germany, which was being prepared by a group of active and retired military with the Bundeswehr. The main highlight though in this unexpected report was that the “conspirators” communicated via a Telegram messenger administered through Russia. Moreover, earlier the Telegram channel’s admin […]

Generals of protest quarries

The post-Plebiscite period outlines a new balance of power in Russia, in which society openly and categorically claims its rights. The people’s intransigent position on the lawlessness of the authorities and ignoring their demands is already changing the political landscape of the country, destabilizing the balance of forces, and the unabated protests with the prospect […]