The Canadian Geopolitical Dynamic

Canada is being wracked by what appears to be a moderately important internal crisis over First Nations’ objections to the construction of a natural gas pipeline in British Columbia. This crisis gives me a chance to write about the geopolitics of North America, with particular focus on Canada. Normally, we would not need to address […]

New shelling shows Russian force in Ukraine – EUObserver.

The explosions occurred every ten seconds for three hours. Shelling in east Ukraine was so intense on Tuesday (18 February) that there were 1,094 explosions in the town of Kadiivka alone between 5:35 and 8:30, international monitors have said. That amounted to an explosion every ten seconds for three hours, EUobserver reported. The “marked spike in […]

Global Rivalry For Africa Intensifies

Major global powers are, once again, competing for rich natural resources, market potential, and influence opportunities offered by the African continent. The continent bore witness to the imperial struggles of colonist countries and their efforts for gaining access to new markets and accumulating more resources following the industrial revolution during the first “scramble for Africa” […]

2020: The Apocalypse from sanctions

Russia is afraid of UN General Assembly resolutions. But it is most afraid of new sanctions. It is fear of the possibility of new repressions or complete isolation that pushes the Kremlin into more and more adventures. Moscow’s initiative to hold a Security Council briefing on February 18 is just such a step. The task […]

Kremlin burnout syndrome at the UN

Hatred of the world, aggression against others, waiting for exposure, fear of punishment and horror of imminent retribution are the reasons for a serious illness called the “Kremlin burnout”. The symptoms of the chronic stage of this disease are manifested in complete loss of connection with reality, denial of proven facts, anxiety, anger, resentment. The […]

The role of the intelligence and outright lies in establishing the cause of the crash

Large-scale disasters have always been the object of attention of both governments involved countries and the world community. Empowered rarely come to a consensus on the causes of the disaster, still less to establish the perpetrators. And if it happened through the fault of the military of another state – never! The history of civil […]

Why is Russia producing more and more absurd versions of PS752 crash cause?

Something strange is being observed in the Russian information segment after Iran pleaded guilty to the downing of the Ukrainian airliner flight PS752. More precisely, it all started right after the version was totally debunked of the Boeing being downed by U.S. specops forces on the ground, a U.S. UAV, or a U.S. missile. So […]