Don’t need to write much about these images, as they speak for themselves.  I’ll just add the photos were taken at the main crash site shortly after Flight MH17 was downed on July 17th 2014 by a Russian army BUK missile launcher. 298 people were killed including 80 children.  This kind of depravity tells you […]

Kremlin-Western war: Lavrov takes a show off again

Lately, Russian foreign policy leader Sergei Lavrov has hinted several times that the Kremlin is ready to suspend “any business” with European countries, because of the disrespect that was shown to Russia in relation to Navalniy poisoning by the words of EU officials. What was it? And how to understand the next drunken dances of […]

Point of no return in the history of Belarus

Events in Belarus have been on the top of key topics in the Kremlin for two months now. Work on interdepartmental integration is ongoing. Moscow is going to present the creation of the Union State as another victory equal to the capture of Crimea. Within the federation, it should look like a new national-saving idea, […]

Caucasian collapse of the Kremlin

The Caucasus region has always posed a heightened threat to the Kremlin and to this day is a serious systemic challenge. The policy of forceful suppression of the “rebellious peoples” in the 90s was replaced by the policy of the so-called core containment. However, the need for a constant fight against the Chechen armed opposition […]

The end of Moscow’s policy of controlled instability

The reshaping of spheres of influence in the states adjacent to Russia is gaining momentum. Remnants of Soviet, and in today’s interpretation of Russian, imperialism are being decisively revised by other regional leaders without regard for Moscow’s interests. The aggravation of conflicts between the Russian Federation and the outside world forces the Kremlin to fight […]

Signs of Putin’s weakening and transformational processes in Russia

Hard lines dividing Russian intelligence agencies may signal Vladimir Putin’s slackening in the Kremlin. Despite he currently keeps Russia’s government well in hand, certain pressure groups representing the special agencies are likely to have grounds to bring into question  the governmental stability in the country. Competition between the agencies such as the GRU (Russia’s Military Intelligence […]

About the Situation in Nagorno-Karabakh

Victor Hvozd on Ukraine 24 TV channel     The world community’s attention is again drawn to fighting around Nagorno-Karabakh. And it’s not just because of the military confrontation between the two states — Armenia and Azerbaijan — former Soviet republics, each of which defends its independence in its own way. But also because they are under the influence of other geopolitical […]

Armenia Violates Ceasefire Killing 9 Azerbaijani Civilians In Missile Attack At Residential Apartments

The Armenian forces hit Azerbaijan’s second-largest city of Ganja using ballistic missiles, killing 9 and injuring over 40 civilians, less than a day after a humanitarian ceasefire between Yerevan and Baku. Hikmat Hajiyev, senior aide to Azerbaijan’s president said that the Armenian side made some appeals and called for a ceasefire on humanitarian grounds, “but, […]

“Orthodox Jihad” in Russian propaganda rhetoric

Unable to openly help Armenia in the war against Azerbaijan, Russia began to integrate the religious factor into the conflict and recruit “Orthodox Jihadists” in Russian cities. In recent days, more and more reports have been popping up, spun by Russian propagandists, claiming that the Azerbaijani artillery was shelling Nagorno-Karabakh’s religious sites. On October 8, […]

Trump or Biden, the U.S. and Europe Will Split

If Donald Trump wins on Nov. 3, the transatlantic rupture will be fast and disastrous. With Joe Biden, it’ll be slower and open-ended. At least the chemistry would be better.  Photographer: Steffen Kugler, Pool via Getty Images Slowly but surely, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge keeps pushing the North American and European plates apart, at the rate of […]