A husband and wife in Ecuador are the world’s oldest married couple

Julio Ceasar Mora and his wife Waldramina Maclovia Quinteros have been married for 79 years, and their relationship isn’t the only thing with longevity. He’s 110 years old and she’ll turn 105 in October, making them the oldest married couple in the world with a combined age of 214 years and 358 days. Guinness World […]

Kremlin’s Influence Operations: Working Out Countering Mechanisms for Eastern Partnership Member States

Kremlin’s disinformation operations constitute a direct threat to democracies – both stable and emerging. They are aimed at undermining stability of our societies and  manipulating our opinions and choices. The strategic objective such campaigns pursue is to weaken and destabilize governments, targeted by destructive influence. Tactics of information operations As a totalitarian state, Russia has […]

Covering up FSB’s failure? Reporters expelled from Amman meeting of Orthodox clerics

A meeting of representatives of Local Orthodox Churches in the Jordanian capital of Amman is being held behind closed doors. Reporters are not allowed to cover the events at and around the meeting, says Russian theologian Andrey Kuraev. “According to our sources, several groups of journalists have already been kicked out of the hotel – […]

Moscow Plays Hard Ball In The High North

The message from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to his Norwegian counterpart, Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Spitsbergen Treaty was rude even by the standards of Russian diplomacy. Russia has, on several previous occasions, signaled disagreements with various measures Norway has taken to protecting the unique Arctic […]

Russian Church has lost. Pillars of Orthodoxy – Constantinople, Alexandria, Hellas, and Athos – turn their backs on Moscow

In 2019, the Russian Orthodox Church got involved in a project that won’t have an easy way out. Patriarch Kirill decided to sow chaos in the Orthodox world and form its alternative center. It is clear that the fight against Constantinople – the struggle for leadership in world Orthodoxy – is a very costly project […]

Disney+ Surpasses 15M Subscribers In First Five Days

November was a turning point for the streaming wars with two new big-name entrants from Disney and Apple joining the big three – Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu – in an effort to gain your subscription. And, 2020 is bringing even more players onto the field.  Disney lovers make for loyal fans as shown in […]

The movie is just beginning

Several years have passed since the world started talking aboutUkraine and Ukrainians. Our country became a topic of interest abroad and viewers from all over the world wanted to learn more about us and our history. Foreign film producers started developing more and more projects about Ukraine supporting this interest. Director and producer Nataliya Padilla, who was born inUkraine but […]

History of Ukraine’s hardships

Within life, we are getting a lot of wounds and a lot of them can be healed. But there is some of them can’t be healed, or even forgotten, especially those that are on the body of a nation…on the body of the Ukrainian nation. This wound is Holodomor 1932 – 1933 that took a […]

Chabad Orchestrates Historic Israel, Ukraine Travel Agreement

Dnepr’s Chief Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki and philanthropist Gennadiy Bogolyubov organized a historic meeting which led to a long overdue travel agreement between Israel and Ukraine at a ceremony this week.

French jetpack man flyboards up Champs-Elysées for Paris parade

A French inventor and entrepreneur has rocketed across the Champs-Elysees on his top creation, the Flyboard, in front of President Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders attending the Bastille Day national holiday parade.