Germany may delay Nord Stream 2 construction over bird migration issues

The pipeline route goes through the wintering areas in the Baltic Sea. German environmentalists say the government should turn down the request by the Nord Stream 2 operator to pursue with construction through the winter, a time when migrating birds choose their wintering grounds. Kim Detloff, an activist with the Union for Conservation of Nature […]

Nord Stream 2 Poses Challenges But Also Means Opportunity For The EU

With the Nord Stream 2 (NS2) pipeline’s completion date on the horizon, it is becoming apparent that the European Union (EU) is struggling to agree on how the project should be handled. While investors see the project as economically sound and beneficial for European customers, the project is mainly seen through a political lens in […]

The Battle For Motor Sich: A Sino-American Dispute In Ukraine

This summer, Ukraine became another venue for competition between the United States and the People’s Republic of China (PRC). In August, then-U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton held several meetings with the Ukrainian leadership; according to the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, the hurriedly arranged trip was intended to “underscore U.S. support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial […]

Azerbaijan True Example Of Inter-Civilizational & Inter-Confessional Intercultural Dialogue

A few days ago, the capital of the Azerbaijani Republic, Baku, again became a real capital and a true international platform for religious and ethnic tolerance, where the Second Summit of World Religious Leaders successfully took place. The second Baku summit of leaders of world religions, organized by the Azerbaijani state, had a specific goal […]

Russian official comments on expected schedule of Nord Stream 2 launch

The deputy prime minister stopped short of specifying an exact month. The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine will start operating in mid-2020, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. “In the middle of next year,” Kozak said, answering the question on when the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would start operating, European Pravda […]

Three months left to kill Nord Stream 2

Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act has received overwhelming bipartisan support and proposes targeted sanctions to halt completion of Nord Stream 2, Russia President Vladimir Putin’s natural gas pipeline designed to control Europe. But there has been a procedural delay and time is running out. The act targets sanctions against one company, Allseas, which is providing […]

Gazprom seeks full monopoly in Europe through pushing out U.S. LNG supplies and eliminating the Ukrainian transit route

Russia is trying to exert pressure on the EU to make the Ukraine government sign a short-term gas transit deal and abandon financial claims to Gazprom, the company which could face bankruptcy if all debt payments are enforced under various arbitrations.  Gazprom has found itself in an obviously losing position, which pushes its leadership to […]

Kremlin information war as a run-up to the gas war

Almost immediately after Bundestag this Wednesday approved the Third EU Energy Package, Russians realized that the document doesn’t really meet their interests. Against this background, the initial euphoria over Denmark’s permit for building the Nord Stream 2 gas pipe section on its continental shelf evaporated, so the Kremlin decided to approach the key issue of […]