Bundestag’s amendment ruins EU Energy Market Security and enhances Russo-German influence on it

The adoption of the amendments to the Gas Directive by the German Bundestag will lead to the destruction of the European gas market regulation system and the European energy security. Such actions will threaten the use of European gas supplies in the interests of the political influence of Russia and Germany on the EU market. […]

Russia’s weaponization of the Taliban

Russia’s support to the Taliban represents a serious problem that could jeopardise years of progress towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict. The Taliban, counting on the assistance of a great power, are likely to increase their efforts to overthrow the central government. For the Kremlin a strategy to weaponize the Taliban and provide other military […]

America’s Original Identity Politics

Rich Lowry’s Flawed Case for Nationalism “You know what I am?” U.S. President Donald J. Trump said at a rally in October 2018. “I’m a nationalist.” Rich Lowry’s The Case for Nationalism can be seen as a way of working through, and defending, what the president meant. As the editor of National Review, the prominent conservative magazine, Lowry […]

Khalifa Haftar develops parallel economic systems in Libya

A central bank of eastern Libya controlled by LNA’s leader Khalifa Haftar stepped up deliveries of new banknotes from Russia this year as he accelerates his offensive on Tripoli to overthrow internationally recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli and usurp power in the state. On November 1st, 2019 The Times of Malta reported that the security authorities […]

Russian propaganda set to launch another smear campaign targeting Ukraine Army – OSINT group

The story will reportedly feature a Russian national who “suffered” at the hands of Ukrainian troops. The Kremlin is preparing another large-scale provocation against Ukraine using an array of propaganda media and diplomatic resources, a Ukraine-based OSINT group reports. On October 25-27, reporters with the Russian propaganda RIA Novosti, REN-TV and Russia 24 TV, with […]

Iran Prepares For War With Israel

Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke on October 10, 2019, at the memorial for the fatalities of the October 1973 War, and focused on the rising Iranian threats to Israel. He strongly hinted at the possibility of both an Israeli preemptive military strike against Iran and the specter of a major protracted […]

GRU wedding and “Leak” operation

Dear friends, we are finally witnessing a long-anticipated episode unfold in the protracted “Leak” series, which remains an interesting and relevant watch. The series involves the leaks on human assets, special operations and, as the latest developments show, senior GRU officials. In the latest probe, Radio Liberty and the Bellingcat group rolled out a joint […]

Russia traps Ukraine

Russia’s activity in the declared settlement in the Donbass is the placement of traps that will achieve the ultimate goal: the federalization of Ukraine. Steinmeier Plan First, by forcing the fixation of the “Steinmeier formula”, Moscow wants Ukraine to be unable to control the Donbass before the elections. Obviously, in this case, ensuring a transparent […]


The Russian Federation enter in active phase to ruin the evidences and investigation results of JIT on MH-17 flight case with political, economic positions abroad and influence agents involvement. The trial on MN17 will commence in March 2020. During it defendants and witnesses will be announced. As this event approaches, Russia is trying to influence […]