Sanctions: The 2020 Agenda

The year 2019 was the first in the war of US sanctions against Russia when the net effect of the measures declined. Two years earlier, 2017 was the year of CAATSA – a comprehensive law which elevated sanctions against Russia to a new level.  The following year marked the largest single round of sanctions against […]

Why is Russia producing more and more absurd versions of PS752 crash cause?

Something strange is being observed in the Russian information segment after Iran pleaded guilty to the downing of the Ukrainian airliner flight PS752. More precisely, it all started right after the version was totally debunked of the Boeing being downed by U.S. specops forces on the ground, a U.S. UAV, or a U.S. missile. So […]

Beyond The Impeachment Drama: Why Ukraine Matters To America

The impeachment of President Donald Trump has thrust relations between the United States and Ukraine into the spotlight. This has amplified the ongoing debate over America’s ties to the former Soviet republic, with some questioning the wisdom of the current US commitment to Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression. Fox News has played a […]

Can Frontline Disengagements Help Ukraine Secure A Lasting Ceasefire With Putin?

A fragile ceasefire is showing signs of taking hold at the three recently disengaged zones along the frontlines in eastern Ukraine. This is raising hopes of a reduction in bloodshed as the undeclared war between Russia and Ukraine enters its sixth calendar year. President Zelenskyy is now seeking to demilitarize three further locations, and continues […]

PS752 crash: Reports on “Tor-M1 air defense system” come into play

The crash of a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 flight PS752 in Iran unexpectedly gained additional details that require more input to be confirmed but still, given how quickly they were picked up by mass media (mostly, Russian ones), it’s impossible to simply leave them without attention. Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins today focused on a […]

As Slain General’s Funeral Ends, Iran Fires 22 Missiles At U.S. Bases In Iraq, No Casualty Report Yet

Iran fired some 22 ballistic missiles at two U.S. bases in neighboring Iraq on January 7 in retaliation for the killing of its top Gen Qassem Soleimani. The latest developments have again put the two arch enemies on a collision course that threatens to undermine the already shaken stability in the region. The Pentagon confirmed […]