Terrorussia: tandem of drugs and terror at service of Russian security forces

While Russia is rejoicing over the successful failure of the constitutional amendments vote to the accompaniment of deafening falsifications, the New York Times releases another piece of incriminating evidence against the Kremlin over bounties paid to Taliban for terrorist attacks on U.S. troops in Afghanistan. It was very interesting to see the identity disclosed of […]

Russia’s Black Sea naval fleet defiant over constitutional amendments vote

The first ones to take their stance opposing the changes were 28 crewmen of the Vasily Bykov patrol ship. Reports are coming about the Sevastopol-based Black Sea naval fleet showing teeth amid the ongoing vote for Russian constitutional amendments that would allow Vladimir Putin to retain power, resetting the count of his presidential terms. Reports […]

Reviewing Factors That Nearing Liberation Of Azerbaijani Territories

Azerbaijan has long prioritized ways of liberating the lands that have been under the boots of the Armenian occupation army since early 1990s. And this is namely a military solution that has come to the fore in recent years though the negative international reaction to the unenviable possible choice of Azerbaijan. Speaking to the top […]

Russia’s Delayed Victory Day Parade: A Grand Sales Pitch To Putin & To Foreign Customers

President Vladimir Putin has transformed the May 9 military parade on Moscow’s Red Square, which commemorates the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in May 1945, into a grand public relations extravaganza. In Soviet times, the main annual military parade occurred on November 7—the anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution. From 1945 to 1991, the Soviet […]

EU Ready to Ease Visa Restrictions for Eastern Partnership Countries

The recent virtual summit of the Eastern Partnership has paved the way for discussions over the possibility of permitting visa-free travel between European Union (EU) countries and partner nations, including Azerbaijan.  EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Olivér Várhelyi said at a press conference earlier this week that the EU is ready to consider […]

Voting for constitutional amendments in Russia: shame and laughter through tears (Photos)

The vote has turned into a ridiculous spectacle. Yesterday, right after the pompous Victory Parade, in violation of all standards of epidemiological safety, the long-awaited (first of all by President Putin) popular vote on constitutional amendments launched. And over the past day, social networks were flooded literally with hundreds, thousands of photos and videos of […]

The Brexit Time Bomb

This seems counterintuitive at this moment in time: whatever the outcome of the current negotiations, it is already clear that the fears that were raised in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum in June 2016 – that other countries will immediately replicate the UK’s example – were unfounded. No country is likely to follow in […]

Russia activates “sleeping cell” in Turkey as Vatan party speaks up

A real bolt from the blue was a recent presentation of the “Black Sea-Mediterranean Plan for Friendship and Peace” by the Turkish Vatan party. The political force, which is not represented in the Turkish Parliament, proposes to recognize the occupied Crimea as Russian territory; strengthen cooperation with Russia in the framework of building up the […]

La Cour pénale internationale procédera à une enquête sur des crimes de Khalifa Haftar et des desperados russes en Libye

La Cour pénale internationale a l’intention d’enquêter scrupuleusement sur les crimes commis en Libye par Khalifa Haftar et des mercenaires, combattant aux côtés de Khalifa Haftar, dont le Groupe Wagner. Là où il y a la guerre, il y a souffrance, douleur, mort et destruction. Et aussi le compagnon constant de tout conflit — l’inhumanité, […]