“Italian Holiday” for Russian military intelligence

As the first Il-76 military cargo plane took off to Italy carrying the “from Russia with love” humanitarian aid, concerns were raised that it wasn’t love that these Russian military planes were bringing to a NATO Ally. In fact, instead of health ministry experts, the deployed group consists of high-ranking officers of Russia’s defense ministry […]

Moscow Now Seeking To Make The Caspian Both A North-South & East-West Hub

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, discussions of trade routes in the Caucasus have mostly been premised on the conviction that the north-south route and the east-west route, backed by Moscow and the West, respectively, are competitors. Every positive development in one is treated as a defeat for the other economically and geopolitically (see […]

Story with Russian “humanitarian convoy” deployed in Italy to “help combat coronavirus” continues

The Italian newspaper La Stampa, citing its own sources among high-ranking officials and the General Staff of the county’s Armed Forces, reports that most part of Russia’s “assistance” brought in the territory of a NATO Ally on 14 planes in fact isn’t helping at all. “80% of what was brought in by Russia is absolutely […]

Kremlin’s plan to “save” Italy, or a tombstone for another EU member state

As we know, Russia recently sent its aid to Italy, the country suffering from a raging coronavirus. The move raised plenty of questions — regarding the appropriateness of this “aid”, which won’t be critical in the fight against Covid-19, as well as the moral aspect, given the concealment of the epidemic in Russia, where experts […]

Newly-Minted Georgian Committee Jeopardizes Friendly Relations Between Baku & Tbilisi

The Azerbaijani-Georgian interstate relations are facing a fresh series of threats and provocations by a newly-minted David Gareji “rescue committee” on the state border of the two nations, which Azerbaijan calls the Kesikcidag monastery complex. The new committee in the making is led by a certain Nikoloz Mzhazanadze, and judging by his recent activities, he […]

U.S. sending advisor to Russian victory day parade as Trump snubs invitation

Some time ago, Russian media went exctatic over the unfounded assumption that world leaders would come to Moscow for the 75th anniversary of WW2 victory to attend the Red Square parade in Moscow. While France’s Emmanuel Macron openly declared his intention to attend, doubts remained about willingness of the rest of leaders. The Kremlin officials […]

The Coronavirus Is A Test For The West

Won’t happen here, not in Europe. It’s taking place far away, across the world, in China. Such was the refrain until the coronavirus struck northern Italy and with a terrible vengeance. Until then, much attention in Europe was focused on how the Chinese Communist Party had imposed draconian methods to contain the virus and equally […]