Seven Dangers of Engaging with the Occupied Donbas—and Opportunities for the New Ukrainian President

Ukraine’s new president says he wants to end the Russian-backed war in the country’s east. However, it won’t be easy. There are at least seven dangers of engaging with the occupied territories of the Donbas. The first danger is that a class of highly educated and trained leaders is completely absent. All key positions, whether […]

One Ukraine? Think Again

Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s recent landslide victory in Ukraine’s presidential election over incumbent Petro Poroshenko has spawned intense speculation. The most intriguing is the assertion that we are witnessing the long-awaited emergence of a “new” Ukraine that is no longer divided along overlapping regional, ethnic, and linguistic fault lines because Zelenskyy won in all of the country’s […]

Russian passport as a mechanism for the Kremlin’s influence on the new Ukrainian government

Experts and journalists sat down in Kyiv to discuss consequences of Russia’s move to issue passports to Ukrainians living in the occupied territories of Donbas and attempts to find effective mechanisms for countering the aggressor.   “When we talk about ‘passportization’, this is an absolutely typical move taken in the conditions of annexation. But in […]

Russian Intrigues In The Middle East

Russian diplomacy is well known for its apparent readiness to engage with all parties to the multiple conflicts in the Middle East, and this characteristic has recently produced another awkward tangle of opportunistic intrigues. President Vladimir Putin fancies himself a master of communicating with difficult counterparts, but he is by no means a grandmaster capable […]

“Romanian threat”: Kremlin comes up with new scenario for Ukraine – OSINT expert

It is “extremely important” that Ukraine analyze all Russian information attacks. Ukrainian MP and coordinator of the Information Resistance OSINT Group Dmytro Tymchuk says a provocative video about the hypothetical seizure by Romania of Ukraine’s Chernivtsi region in 2022 is being actively spun by Russian propagandists, which may be part of the Kremlin’s plan to […]

As U.S. Pressure On Turkey Mounts Over S-400 Missile System, Russia Vows Timely Delivery

Passions run high around S-400 missile defense system purchased by Turkey but not yet delivered as well as a possible war in the Persian Gulf between Iran and the U.S. and with possible involvement of Arab countries and Israel on the side of Washington. The delivery of S-400 missile defense systems to Turkey is going […]

Выборы в Европарламент: Европа между Макроном и Сальвини

Вот уже как год я пытаюсь объяснить нашим европейским партнёрам из различных правительственных организаций, что результаты выборов в Европарламент вообще ничего не значат: вся эта победа людей, выступающих за единую Европу, – обыкновенная блажь. Ведь абсолютно не важно, что проевропейским силам удастся создать широкую коалицию, прибавив к своему блоку либералов Макрона, важно другое – продолжающийся […]