The best defense is offense. The Kremlin is attacking Ukraine in the UN Security Council…

The Kremlin acts on the diplomatic world arena, based on the principle “The best defense is attack”. It is no secret to anyone in the West that under Putin Russia has become an aggressor country, which, while the whole world is trying to find a solution to global problems, only exacerbates them. Chekist Putin needs […]

Global Rivalry For Africa Intensifies

Major global powers are, once again, competing for rich natural resources, market potential, and influence opportunities offered by the African continent. The continent bore witness to the imperial struggles of colonist countries and their efforts for gaining access to new markets and accumulating more resources following the industrial revolution during the first “scramble for Africa” […]

The Kremlin prepares a provocation at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

On Russia’s initiative, an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council will be held on 18 February. The Kremlin refers to the fifth anniversary of the Second Minsk Agreements and UN Security Council Resolution 2202. However, it is clear to everyone that Moscow simply creates an information veil before the meeting of the UN […]

2020: The Apocalypse from sanctions

Russia is afraid of UN General Assembly resolutions. But it is most afraid of new sanctions. It is fear of the possibility of new repressions or complete isolation that pushes the Kremlin into more and more adventures. Moscow’s initiative to hold a Security Council briefing on February 18 is just such a step. The task […]

Kremlin burnout syndrome at the UN

Hatred of the world, aggression against others, waiting for exposure, fear of punishment and horror of imminent retribution are the reasons for a serious illness called the “Kremlin burnout”. The symptoms of the chronic stage of this disease are manifested in complete loss of connection with reality, denial of proven facts, anxiety, anger, resentment. The […]

Russian Defense Ministry Boasts Undermine Putin’s Peace Initiative

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) defense ministers gathered in Brussels, on February 12, to discuss how the Alliance should respond to Russia’s rapidly expanding non-strategic, long-range, dual-use (nuclear or conventional warhead) missile capabilities. According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the development and deployment of the Russian land-based long-range cruise missile 9M720 (known in […]

Turkey’s “Defense Line”: An Ideological Front

Turkey’s latest moves in Libya and the eastern Mediterranean should be viewed in the context of the recent Kuala Lumpur Summit, which announced the emergence of a new ideological bloc to counter Saudi Arabia consisting of Iran, Turkey, Qatar, and Malaysia. Turkey’s new geopolitical strategy is as much ideological as it is “defensive.” Shortly before […]

Russia Reiterates All-Out Diplomatic Backing For Yerevan Amid Unresolved Karabakh

A top Russian diplomat in Armenia has underscored the Kremlin determination and intention to retain governments in Yerevan under strict control irrespective of who is power. The statement comes amid the ongoing overt and covert moves of the Pashinyan government to distance from the Kremlin’s sphere of influence or at least bring the relations with […]

Hysteria of Russia in PACE

The period error necessarily occurs during sobering. The Kremlin’s euphoria from the triumphant return of the Russian delegation to PACE was rather quickly spoiled by the pragmatism characteristic of Europeans. It can be assumed that the pragmatism of European parliamentarians depends on the time of year. But let’s hope that this is not so. It […]