Brexit: Endgame

The UK Government’s recent statements make a deal between the EU and UK less likely, regardless of whether that is the intent or not. The Brexit negotiation are heading into the final phase, with Boris Johnson claiming that the United Kingdom (UK) will walk away if no deal is found by mid-October. The UK is […]

Belarus Between EU Imperialism and Russian Occupation

In the Republic of Belarus, presidential elections were held on 9 August 2020. The current President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is the winner of the presidential elections at which he won 80.23% of the votes. The turnout at the elections was 84.23%. However, the opposition candidates expressed their discontent over the results of the elections. […]

German Tests Indicate Kremlin Critic Navalny ‘Poisoned’

The Charite hospital treating gravely ill Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny since he was medically airlifted to Germany two days earlier says that its tests indicate he was “poisoned.” Navalny “is in an intensive-care unit and is still in an induced coma,” it said on August 24, adding that his health “is serious but there […]

Belarusian George Floyd — here it comes…

Russian journalists are molding a Gorge Floyd out of an activist killed in Minsk on August 10. On the morning of August 10, I published an article “Hybrid Belarus urgently needs its own hybrid George Floyd” where, describing the previous night’s developments in Minsk, I emphasized that a sacred victim is needed to catalyze destructive […]

Alarm Bells In Ukraine As Lukashenka Calls On Putin To Rescue His Crumbling Regime

While the drama of Belarus’s unexpected revolution has been unfolding, significant collateral damage has been done to official relations between Minsk and Kyiv. These deteriorating bilateral ties place in question the acceptability of Minsk as the venue for peace negotiations aiming to bring the six-year undeclared Russo-Ukrainian War to an end. Meanwhile, with beleaguered Belarusian […]


This morning, in my piece Belarus to get own anti-Maidan according to Kremlin’s plan I noted that the development of events in the republic is clearly following the Kremlin’s scenario, which is leading to an Anschluss of this neighboring country. But each plan requires a certain sequence of steps. And this is what I’m going […]

Belarus to get own anti-Maidan according to Kremlin’s plan

Having closely watched the developments in Belarus for more than a week already, I only now start to understand what’s been missing in this painfully familiar solitaire game. It would seem almost everything is in place: puppet opposition, information waves spun by the “third party” creating the context benefiting that “third party”, combat-ready and well-trained […]

Conflict Conservation In Ukraine’s East Follows The Transnistria Model

“Frozen” is a Western mischaracterization of Russia’s protracted conflict undertakings against Moldova in Transnistria, against Georgia in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and now of the desired end to Russia’s intervention in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas. Those conflicts never “froze” in a political sense—not even after the cessation of active hostilities in Moldova in 1992, in Georgia […]

Belarus protests: “well-known” snipers are ready to engage

Russian information platforms have been spinning the warning of the possible involvement of “unidentified” snipers in Minsk both against protesters and riot police. Tracking information flows coming from and around the Russian segment of the internet, I can conclude that the false start that we saw early this week will be catalyzed over the weekend. […]

The Quick Way To Quasi-Recognition Of Donetsk-Luhansk’s Armed Formations: A Play-By-Play Account

Open-source evidence makes it possible to trace the steps that led Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, to quasi-recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk “armed formations” in a signed agreement at the political level (see EDM, July 29, 30, August 5). While the agreement’s full text has been released by all […]