EU leaders caught in either-or argument over European defence strategy

Amid disunity over the way forward on European defence, EU leaders discussed on Tuesday night (5 October) whether the bloc should enhance its capacity to act independently and/or strenghten its partnership with NATO, but with no clear result. In the aftermath of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, a US submarine pact with Australia that enraged […]

Poland Loses Appeal as Key Work Force Favors German Wages

Poland’s economy may lose some steam as Ukrainians, a key labor group that helped ease labor shortages in the European Union’s largest eastern economy, have less interest to stay. While official data from employment offices show a 20% annual increase in the number of Ukrainians asking for a registration in Poland, in reality fewer and […]

How can Ukraine vanquish Russia on the theocracy chessboard?

Granting Autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in 2019 not only had a strong impact on Ukrainian society’s rethinking of traditional religious symbols – and their role in the pursuit of national identity – but also, not surprisingly, it revealed the secular and clerical sides of Ukraine’s socio-political environment. The scheduled August visit of Ecumenical […]

Picasso artworks displayed in a Las Vegas restaurant could fetch over $100M

Eleven Pablo Picasso artworks that were on display at a Las Vegas restaurant for over 20 years will hit the auction block this October, just two days before what would have been the artist’s 140th birthday. Part of MGM Resorts’ sizable art collection, the pieces had long been a fixture at Picasso, a Michelin-starred French and Spanish […]

Denmark Recognized that “Grundfos” Pumps’ Supply to Crimea Violated the European Law

As our Association noticed in April, 2020 [1], on March 18 Russian propaganda, including the “official Internet resources”, reported on the “successful launch” of the Beshterek-Zuya water supply system, which was to provide 20-22 thousands cubic meters of artesian water to Simferopol daily. As it followed from the images of pumping station’s equipment distributed by […]

NATO vs Russia: Dangerous Games

It seems that the Black Sea has recently become more and more an arena of confrontation between NATO and Russia. Another confirmation of this was the large-scale military exercises Sea Breeze 2021, which were recently completed in the region, which Ukraine hosted, writes Alexi Ivanov, Moscow correspondent. The Sea Breeze — 2021 exercises are the most […]

Spy phones ‘in gangsters’ back pockets’ betray hundreds to police

A global sting in which organised crime gangs were sold encrypted phones that law enforcement officials could monitor has led to more than 800 arrests and the confiscation of drugs, weapons, cash and luxury cars, officials said on Tuesday. The operation by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Australian and European police ensnared suspects in […]

March 2020 – March 2021 Europe and beyond

For months, many argue that our Covid (C-19) response is a planetary fiasco, whose size is yet to surface with its mounting disproportionate and enduring secondary effects, causing tremendous socio-economic, demographic and cross-generational, political and psychosomatic contractions and convulsions. However, worse than our response is our silence about it.  It is an established fact that […]