The Minsk Group: Karabakh War’s Diplomatic Casualty

The 44-day war between Armenia and Azerbaijan (September 27–November 9) has resulted in an Azerbaijani national triumph, a Russian geopolitical and diplomatic victory over the West, and a conclusive discrediting of multilateral diplomacy as an instrument for conflict-resolution in and around the post-Soviet space (see EDM, November 12, 13, 17). The discrediting is conclusive simply […]

French “Friends of Crimea” and Karabakh

On November 25, 2020, the French Senate almost unanimously adopted a Resolution “On the Need to Recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic”. The initiators of the document were deputies from the center-right party “Republicans” (formerly “Union for a Popular Movement”), founded by former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who declared his sympathies for Russia openly and worked with […]

Donald Trump will laut Medien seinen Ex-Sicherheitsberater begnadigen

In den letzten Wochen seiner Amtszeit will der US-Präsident noch mehrere Begnadigungen aussprechen, berichten US-Medien. Darunter soll auch Michael Flynn sein. Der scheidende US-Präsident Donald Trumpwill seinen ehemaligen Sicherheitsberater Michael Flynn begnadigen. Das berichten unter anderem die New York Times sowie der Nachrichtensender CNN unter Berufung auf mit der Angelegenheit vertraute Personen. Demnach soll Trump Vertrauten gesagt haben, er wolle […]

Erdoğan As Merkel’s Protégé

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Turkey’s relations with Germany have always been privileged, but Angela Merkel took that relationship even further by treating Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as a protégé in the international arena. Their relationship strengthened in parallel with a significant increase in German-Turkish military and trade cooperation. But Merkel’s term is coming to an end, and there […]

Presidential election in Moldova: Dmitry Kozak’s fiasco and Vladislav Surkov’s victory

In the Moldova elections, the Russian FSB-SVR was defeated, while the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces won. After 99.8% of ballots have been processed, it appears Maia Sandu won the second round of the presidential elections in Moldova, having gained more than 57% of the votes. Her rival incumbent […]

Terrorist attack in Vienna: It’s time for Europe to finally see a snake it sheltered

Is the incident a product of Islamic terrorism or an act by “third forces”? The terrorist act in Vienna, my second favorite city in Europe after Prague, made me wake up in the middle of the night. I still haven’t had a minute of sleep, studying in detail the events as they unfolded, by minute. […]

Boris Johnson’s U-Turn on Lockdown Buys Him Little Time

The U.K. prime minister joined a list of other governments in announcing a national lockdown to contain the coronavirus. It’s a near impossible situation. Here we go again. On Saturday, Boris Johnson abandoned his policy of whack-a-mole and joined a growing list of other governments in announcing a national lockdown to contain the coronavirus. Politically, it’s a […]

Trump or Biden, the U.S. and Europe Will Split

If Donald Trump wins on Nov. 3, the transatlantic rupture will be fast and disastrous. With Joe Biden, it’ll be slower and open-ended. At least the chemistry would be better.  Photographer: Steffen Kugler, Pool via Getty Images Slowly but surely, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge keeps pushing the North American and European plates apart, at the rate of […]

Moscow Divided On When Or Even Whether Lukashenka Must Go

President Alyaksandr Lukashenka naturally wants to extend his rule as long as possible, while Belarusians protesting in the streets want to bring it to an end as soon as they can. But Moscow, which has more than a little say in the matter (see EDM, September 8, 10), is divided as to whether and when […]

Brexit: Endgame

The UK Government’s recent statements make a deal between the EU and UK less likely, regardless of whether that is the intent or not. The Brexit negotiation are heading into the final phase, with Boris Johnson claiming that the United Kingdom (UK) will walk away if no deal is found by mid-October. The UK is […]