EU’s Recent Resolution Again Supports Azerbaijan’s Territorial Integrity

The restrained criticism by President Ilham Aliyev of the EU’s Eastern Partnership (EaP) project, voiced by him in an interview at the end of 2019, had its impact on decisions of European institutions. We should recall that speaking about the future of the EaP, the president raised serious questions regarding the non-obviousness of the prospects […]

Germany may delay Nord Stream 2 construction over bird migration issues

The pipeline route goes through the wintering areas in the Baltic Sea. German environmentalists say the government should turn down the request by the Nord Stream 2 operator to pursue with construction through the winter, a time when migrating birds choose their wintering grounds. Kim Detloff, an activist with the Union for Conservation of Nature […]

Embroiled In Russian-backed Separatist Conflicts, Azerbaijan, Ukraine Set To Deepen All-Out Ties

On an official visit to oil-rich Azerbaijan – the largest economy of the South Caucasus – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who was given the red-carpet treatment by his Azeri counterpart, encouraged businesses of the host nation to invest in his country. Though the spotlight was on expanding and further deepening business relations, the two leaders, whose […]

31 December 2019: Will Gas Stop Flowing?

The clock is ticking. The long-term gas transit contract between Russia and Ukraine expires on 31 December. Chances that the two sides could reach a comprehensive agreement before this date are slim. EURACTIV looks behind the scenes of the dispute. Ukraine is a key transit route for Russian gas to reach Europe. A current deal […]

Russian Hybrid Warfare: 50 Shades of Greens

The Greens achieved excellent results in the last European Parliament elections, receiving the fourth largest faction. They finished third in France and the second in Germany and gained significant success in Finland, Portugal, Ireland, and the UK. This clearly indicates that Europeans are aware of the importance of environmental problems and wish to solve them. It would […]