Government resignation in Moldova as a win of Russia

The Sandu government resignation resulted from government pressure on corrupt officials and the use of oligarchic circles by Russia to strengthen the position of pro-Russian president Igor Dodon. A motion of no confidence in the government of Maia Sandu was approved on Tuesday, November 12, by 63 MPs out of 101 votes. The presidential Socialist party faction […]

Bundestag’s amendment ruins EU Energy Market Security and enhances Russo-German influence on it

The adoption of the amendments to the Gas Directive by the German Bundestag will lead to the destruction of the European gas market regulation system and the European energy security. Such actions will threaten the use of European gas supplies in the interests of the political influence of Russia and Germany on the EU market. […]

Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline receives final permit despite Trump efforts to torpedo it

BRUSSELS — Danish authorities Wednesday removed the final barrier to a natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany that has drawn fire from President Trump, issuing a construction permit that could lead to the project’s completion within months. The decision by the Danish Energy Agency to allow the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to be laid […]


Denmark’s Energy Agency has granted Nord Stream 2 AG permission to lay part of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on the country’s continental shelf, south-east of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. According to the agency’s estimates, this route is the safest and most environment-friendly. As I have repeatedly emphasized, falling under the rule of […]

After Turkey’s Syria Operation, Southeast Europe Battles For Volkswagen Investment

Four countries have jumped at the news that Volkswagen has postponed the decision on building a factory in Turkey, following Ankara’s military offensive in northeast Syria. Volkswagen told EURACTIV on Wednesday (23 October) that it was not looking for a new location: “We follow the events very carefully. Planning for the new plant is still […]

Thin ice “Norman format.” Forecasts

During the Second World War, Normandy became the starting point for the liberation of Europe from the Nazi occupation by Allied forces. This operation is recognized as the largest joint landing operation in all of world history. However, this fact did not bring tangible progress in resolving the military conflict in eastern Ukraine. The theme […]


The Russian Federation enter in active phase to ruin the evidences and investigation results of JIT on MH-17 flight case with political, economic positions abroad and influence agents involvement. The trial on MN17 will commence in March 2020. During it defendants and witnesses will be announced. As this event approaches, Russia is trying to influence […]

France Can’t Be Fair Mediator In Karabakh Problem Unless Paris Abandons Pro-Armenian Bias

Since Azerbaijan has gained independence and established diplomatic relations with France, the latter has so far had several ambassadors representing official Paris in Baku. The latest French ambassador presented his credentials to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev a few days ago and sounded his nation’s alleged determination to step up efforts for the resolution of the […]