Russian puppets in EU once again call for sanction lift

Just the other day, describing the goals Russia is pursuing while providing its pseudo-humanitarian assistance to Italy, the USA, and Serbia, also imposing it on other countries under any pretext, I mentioned their intention to influence decisions on easing or lifting sanctions, especially to the accompaniment of the coronavirus spread, molding for itself the image […]

Russian Irregulars & PMCs In The ‘Heart’ Of Europe: The Case Of Kaliningrad Oblast

Despite looming socio-economic collapse in the 1990s, Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast managed—with extensive federal support—to overcome these difficulties. The policies aimed at support and recovery had little to do with concerns about the wellbeing of the locals; rather, the authorities feared that leaving the situation unaddressed could result in brewing discontent and the growth of anti-governmental […]

The Kremlin’s “humanitarian” project: from Russia with hate

Russia skillfully exploits the pandemic topic for propaganda purposes, getting strategic preferences from the tragedy. Russian propaganda adapts to the ever-changing developments with incredible speed, swiftly altering own narratives and the field of efforts. Many examples testify to this, including the MH17 case where one absurd version put forward by Russia replaced another, sometimes even […]

Cyber ​attacks on Czech hospitals as Russian revenge for demolition of monument to Soviet military commander

Traces of the latest wave of cyberattacks that swept across one of the European countries once again lead to Russia, leaving no one surprised. As you might have guessed, I’m talking about large-scale hacks of Czech hospitals, where local detectives saw a Russian footprint. Moreover, these attacks were so serious a scale that they were […]

Italian taxpayers cover expenses of Russian intelligence operation in Italy

More details are surfacing around Russia’s “humanitarian mission” in the coronavirus-struck Italy. Although, Russian aid is no more “humanitarian” than the one supplied to the U.S. where it turned out to have been fully paid for. Now, in Italy, it appears that all those “experts”, special vehicles and equipment deployed from Russia are not a […]

The New Spheres Of Influence

In the heady aftermath of the Cold War, American policymakers pronounced one of the fundamental concepts of geopolitics obsolete. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice described a new world “in which great power is defined not by spheres of influence . . . or the strong imposing their will on the weak.” Secretary of State Hillary […]

Coronavirus: What’s Happening In Europe

The COVID-19 novel coronavirus is spreading through Europe. Apart from the health risk, it is also forcing businesses, as well as EU institutions, to cancel travel and public events and switch to teleworking, in the hope of slowing the epidemic. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: EU member states and the European Commission should “thoroughly analyse the experiences gained […]