If You Build It, They Will Bike: Pop-Up Lanes Increased Cycling During Pandemic

A study of European cities adds to a growing body of evidence that investments in cycling infrastructure can encourage bike commuting, which helps cut greenhouse gas emissions. Adding bike lanes to urban streets can increase the number of cyclists across an entire city, not just on the streets with new bike lanes, according to a […]

Lukashenko plays the Poland card and ratchets up tensions with Warsaw

The strongman is hunting for an ‘external enemy.’ WARSAW — Alexander Lukashenko has a lot of opponents at home, so now he’s making even more enemies abroad.  The authoritarian leader of Belarus has unleashed law enforcement against leaders of the country’s small ethnic Polish minority — accounting for about 3 percent of the country’s population […]

European countries where insulting the head of state can land you in prison

The great and the good have solid legal protection on much of the Continent.  Politicians in democracies are supposed to have thick skins — but those of a more fragile disposition (as well as some royals) have laws protecting them from brickbats in a host of European countries. A Polish writer is facing charges for calling President […]

Russia intends to blame “insidious” West for its vaccine failure on world stage

The Russian campaign to promote their Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine, implying bribing government officials and medical experts to promote the drug abroad, as well as spreading fake news about Western vaccines, boomeranged against the masterminds behind this very campaign. First, the United States and the EU have openly accused Russia of large-scale circulation of lies and […]

MI5 Bolsters Security Amid Claims Kremlin is Showing ‘Active Interest’ in ‘Targeted’ Russians in UK

The British government and intelligence agencies were earlier accused of having failed to conduct a proper assessment of the Kremlin’s alleged attempts to interfere in “democratic processes” and the 2016 Brexit referendum in the Russia report, released last year by the UK parliament’s intelligence and security committee. MI5 has been boosting security protection offered to […]


Disinformation is a fancy word for lying. Lying has an emotional element to it; disinformation lacks moral connotations; the concept is dry and matter-of-fact. Still – disinformation is actually just lying, deception, manipulation. EUvsDisinfo uses a definition on disinformation(opens in a new tab) as statements, verifiably false and intended to harm. This week, we can demonstrate in detail the […]

EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement Enters Into Force

On 1 March, the European Union-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) entered into force. It has now been ratified by the Republic of Armenia, all EU member states and the European Parliament. This represents an important milestone for EU-Armenia relations. This Agreement provides a framework for the EU and Armenia to work together in […]

An EU-China Deal for a Bygone Era

After four years of Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda, the European Union could be forgiven for attempting to go it alone. But, if history is any guide, no single economy can compel China to change its most problematic behaviors. WASHINGTON, DC – Late last month, the European Union and China released new details about the Comprehensive […]

George Woloshyn: Clearing the cobwebs from the Budapest Memorandum

The Budapest Memorandum guaranteed  Ukraine’s security in exchange for its nuclear weapons.  Out of the four signatories, only Ukraine has kept its pledges.  Even in the face of overt hostility, aggression, and invasion of Crimea by Russia, not one of the other three signatories has come even close to fulfilling its explicit and implied guarantees […]

Anatoly Shariy subversive actor working for Russian intelligence on European soil

Anatoly Shariy, who recently starred on a Catalan separatist TV channel, voicing false accusations against Ukraine, has further confirmed his affiliation with the Russian intelligence. Russia has long been implementing a large-scale campaign to have their assets penetrate the Western media space — tailoring these assets’ emigration, bribing local actors (experts, news agencies, and outlets), […]