Salisbury poisonings: Third man faces charges for Novichok attack

A third Russian faces charges over his alleged involvement in the 2018 Salisbury poisonings, which left three people critically ill and one dead. Security sources believe Denis Sergeev was the on-the-ground commander in the Novichok attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. Dawn Sturgess died after the poisoning and a police […]

Abduction of Nariman Dzhelyalov: Another crime of Russian invaders challenging Crimea Platform participants

First Deputy Head of Crimean Tatars’ Mejlis, Nariman Dzhelyalov, who earlier took part in the Crimea Platform inaugural summit, was abducted by Russian invaders in the occupied Crimea. Not detained but, namely, abducted! Yet another crime in the line of many… Of course, everyone expected some response to the Crimea Platform on the part of […]

Zelensky’s U.S. visit under information blow of Kremlin minions

Even before Volodymyr Zelenskyy set foot on American soil on his first visit to the country since Joe Biden took office, a dirty campaign, outrageous in its absurdity, was launched against him and Ukraine as a whole. Moreover, it’s no surprise that the effort kicked off by an American “expert”, who had long been spotted […]

Russia, China, and the Prospect of US Military Bases in Central Asia

Following the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan, Washington is allegedly trying to reestablish a military presence in Central Asia, similar to what it did in the early 2000s. Though some level of cooperation is possible with Russia within the framework of great power relations (and much still depends on Moscow’s goodwill), China opposes any American military or security expansion near its restive Xinjiang province. The American exit from Afghanistan has created a […]

How Putin Keeps Winning

Russia’s president exploits three mistakes the United States makes time and again: a default toward de-escalation rather than confronting aggression; a desire to compartmentalize issues rather than link them; and complacency about the U.S. role in the world, rather than a drive to compete proactively. Vladimir Putin’s experience as a KGB officer in Germany has […]

First time in history, Russian State Duma may become internationally unrecognized

In May 2021, I published an op-ed called “Illegal 2021 elections to Russian State Duma as threat to ‘legitimize’ occupied part of Donbas.” In this article, I described in detail that the statement by the secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party, Andrei Turchak, on the possibility of residents of the occupied territories […]

NATO vs Russia: Dangerous Games

It seems that the Black Sea has recently become more and more an arena of confrontation between NATO and Russia. Another confirmation of this was the large-scale military exercises Sea Breeze 2021, which were recently completed in the region, which Ukraine hosted, writes Alexi Ivanov, Moscow correspondent. The Sea Breeze — 2021 exercises are the most […]

Understanding Russia’s Cyber Strategy

The Russian Federation’s willingness to engage in offensive cyber operations has caused enormous harm, including massive financial losses, interruptions to the operation of critical infrastructure, and disruptions of crucial software supply chains. The variety and frequency of these operations, as well as the resulting attribution efforts, have offered an unusually vivid picture of Russia’s cyber […]

Will the US – Russia Arms Control be Continued After the Biden-Putin Geneva Summit?

The article provides an analysis of the likely goals and positions of Russia and the United States on nuclear arms control. The U.S. administration aims to reach an agreement with Russia to control all of the parties’ nuclear arsenals, including non-strategic nuclear weapons (NSNW), as well as China’s involvement in nuclear arms negotiations bilaterally or […]

Smoke and mirrors: Russia’s power projection in the post-Soviet space

Since the 1990s, the post-Soviet space has become a theatre of struggle for various ideas, values , and geopolitical projects. Extraordinary interest in the countries of the former socialist camp was aroused by Russia, whose political ambitions provided a projection of its influence on bilateral and multilateral complexes of relations with states that have long […]