Bundestag’s amendment ruins EU Energy Market Security and enhances Russo-German influence on it

The adoption of the amendments to the Gas Directive by the German Bundestag will lead to the destruction of the European gas market regulation system and the European energy security. Such actions will threaten the use of European gas supplies in the interests of the political influence of Russia and Germany on the EU market. […]

Russian propaganda set to launch another smear campaign targeting Ukraine Army – OSINT group

The story will reportedly feature a Russian national who “suffered” at the hands of Ukrainian troops. The Kremlin is preparing another large-scale provocation against Ukraine using an array of propaganda media and diplomatic resources, a Ukraine-based OSINT group reports. On October 25-27, reporters with the Russian propaganda RIA Novosti, REN-TV and Russia 24 TV, with […]

Russia’s military unit #92154 may relates to the NYT secret unit #29155 investigation

In its October 8th investigation article, the New York Times pointed on the unit #29155 as the base of mil intel unit responsible for Western Europe undermining clandestine operations may be incomplete and miss out of sight unit #92154 of Special operation forces of Russia based on the bank of Senezh lake. This lake is […]

GRU wedding and “Leak” operation

Dear friends, we are finally witnessing a long-anticipated episode unfold in the protracted “Leak” series, which remains an interesting and relevant watch. The series involves the leaks on human assets, special operations and, as the latest developments show, senior GRU officials. In the latest probe, Radio Liberty and the Bellingcat group rolled out a joint […]

Russia tested an ability to block transport infrastructure by hybrid instruments

Russian military intelligence is believed to have been involved in organizing mass protests and blocking El -Prat Airport and communication routes in Barcelona, Spain following a by the Spanish Supreme Court decision to imprison leaders of the separatist movement for Catalonia’s independence. This may be the first time that hybrid tasks have been focused for […]

Russia traps Ukraine

Russia’s activity in the declared settlement in the Donbass is the placement of traps that will achieve the ultimate goal: the federalization of Ukraine. Steinmeier Plan First, by forcing the fixation of the “Steinmeier formula”, Moscow wants Ukraine to be unable to control the Donbass before the elections. Obviously, in this case, ensuring a transparent […]


The Russian Federation enter in active phase to ruin the evidences and investigation results of JIT on MH-17 flight case with political, economic positions abroad and influence agents involvement. The trial on MN17 will commence in March 2020. During it defendants and witnesses will be announced. As this event approaches, Russia is trying to influence […]

Beating at one point for a long time – the wall will fall, not only Boeing

The Kremlin is guided by this saying, organizing informational campaigns that are beneficial to it and that can last for years with the help of controlled media, dishonest officials and populists. And to the shame of Western democracy, freedom of speech and pluralism of opinion, it must be admitted that Moscow succeeds. On October 8, […]

U.S. extraction of top spy leaves chairs rocking under senior Russian officials – media

Among other things, Smolenkov allegedly conveyed to Americans plenty of valuable intelligence on military issues. The story of a CIA mole in the Russian government, Oleg Smolenkov, who recent media reports say was exfiltrated to the U.S. via Montenegro back in 2017 amid looming threats of being exposed, led to negative consequences for a number […]