The Second Karabakh War and Caspian Energy

On November 10, the second war in Nagorno-Karabakh ended with a Russia-brokered ceasefire agreement signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia. While the 44-day war caused severe damages to frontline settlements and civilian casualties on both sides, frequent missile attacks carried out by Armenia towards Azerbaijani cities and infrastructure beyond the frontline raised concerns not only in […]

Moscow Moving 15 Warships From Caspian Sea to Waters off Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today (April 13) that Moscow is sending 15 naval vessels from its Caspian Flotilla to waters off Ukraine to take part in military exercises there. Earlier, Russian and Ukrainian media had reported stories about a smaller number. Although the vessels must pass through a 100-kilometer-long canal with more than […]

Russian propagandists at it again, claiming Ukraine Army shelled Donetsk suburb, killing civilian at his home

Fake reports from the occupied territories are piling up. After the entire pool of Russian “blood-thirsty” propaganda pundits was deployed in the occupied Donetsk, it was worth expecting provocations that would be staged to imitate a Ukrainian offensive and shelling of the civilian neighborhoods in the stronghold of the “independent Donbas”. And so they kick […]

Russian intelligence inciting civil confrontation in Northern Ireland

Russian special services have launched influence operations in Northern Ireland, aimed at fomenting an internal conflict between Republicans and loyalists. The measures being taken are aimed at provoking civil conflict in the country. That’s according to Oleksandr Danyliuk, chief of Center for Defense Reforms, coordinator of the interagency platform on countering hybrid threats, operating within […]

Russia about to launch offensive in Southern Ukraine and stage false flag attacks

Russia is about to launch an offensive in Southern Ukraine. The strike is quite possible to be delivered from the annexed Crimea’s side and the breakaway territories of Donbas, in an effort to join them with Crimea, to get access to fresh water to meet the peninsula’s needs, and to have an overland link from […]

Propaganda squads deployed: Why Russian “blood-thirsty” journalists are coming to Donbas

The last few days have seen the arrival in occupied Donetsk of Russian journalists and war correspondents, known for spreading fake stories about the war in Donbas, Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria, and also for their participation in a number of other crimes. Moreover, it would be wrong, to put it mildly, to consider these men actual journalists […]

Tensions Between Ukraine And Russia Spark Fears Of War

Russian military movements in Crimea and along the Ukrainian border have sparked fears of a major escalation in Donbas. A full-scale war could break out in Ukraine’s eastern and even southern regions, under the pretext of protecting local Russian speakers from a potential assault by Kyiv. The military presence near the borders could be a warning to […]

The battle for the Arctic

The great powers have embarked on a new scramble for the Arctic, as profitable sea routes open up in melting ice. But unless we can salvage the region’s fragile ecology, all humanity’s fortunes will sink The Arctic might be one of the coldest regions on the planet but temperatures there are rising three times more […]

Lukashenko plays the Poland card and ratchets up tensions with Warsaw

The strongman is hunting for an ‘external enemy.’ WARSAW — Alexander Lukashenko has a lot of opponents at home, so now he’s making even more enemies abroad.  The authoritarian leader of Belarus has unleashed law enforcement against leaders of the country’s small ethnic Polish minority — accounting for about 3 percent of the country’s population […]

Who lost Crimea?

I read with interest the two letters to the editor from Messrs. Martyniuk (January 29) and Mirchuk (January 15) and the two responding letters from Messrs. Lomacky and Vitvitsky challenging their accuracy (“spouting nonsense”), and seeking an apology for “provocative allegations against our president” and “spreading false information.” Apparently, their dispute centered on blame for […]