Muddying The Water In Karabakh, France, U.S. Want To Reignite Flames Of War

France and the USA – two of the three OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs with a mandate to hammer out a viable solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan – have not only failed to come up with a solution but also displayed their uttermost reluctance to that end. After the Azerbaijani army has […]

Donald Trump will laut Medien seinen Ex-Sicherheitsberater begnadigen

In den letzten Wochen seiner Amtszeit will der US-Präsident noch mehrere Begnadigungen aussprechen, berichten US-Medien. Darunter soll auch Michael Flynn sein. Der scheidende US-Präsident Donald Trumpwill seinen ehemaligen Sicherheitsberater Michael Flynn begnadigen. Das berichten unter anderem die New York Times sowie der Nachrichtensender CNN unter Berufung auf mit der Angelegenheit vertraute Personen. Demnach soll Trump Vertrauten gesagt haben, er wolle […]

Russian Peacekeepers Failed In Karabakh In 1991 And Will Again, Alksnis Says

Karabakh is only the latest place where Russian peacekeepers have returned to a place they had been before, failed and then been withdrawn, Viktor Alksnis says. Moreover, the reasons for that pattern in 1991 are still very much in place and make a similar pattern and outcome likely. In an interview with Elena Rychkova of […]

Presidential election in Moldova: Dmitry Kozak’s fiasco and Vladislav Surkov’s victory

In the Moldova elections, the Russian FSB-SVR was defeated, while the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces won. After 99.8% of ballots have been processed, it appears Maia Sandu won the second round of the presidential elections in Moldova, having gained more than 57% of the votes. Her rival incumbent […]

Putin’s health rumors as a sign of power shift

The Kremlin is gearing up for Putin to release his grip on power amid constant rumors he is ill. This goes along with a tough fight by policy-makers and malfunction by government facilities and interagency regulation. Reports on Vladimir Putin’s poor health have been breaking in the media all too often recently.On November 6, for […]

Nice massacre: Familiar templates and new prospects

Today, a knife-wielding attacker shouting “Allahu Akbar!” slayed parishioners and tourists near and inside a church in Nice, killing three and wounding several others. The police managed to apprehend the culprit. Let’s recall that two weeks ago, on October 16, another decapitation, with a similar context, was committed, where a victim was a 47-year-old Samuel […]


Don’t need to write much about these images, as they speak for themselves.  I’ll just add the photos were taken at the main crash site shortly after Flight MH17 was downed on July 17th 2014 by a Russian army BUK missile launcher. 298 people were killed including 80 children.  This kind of depravity tells you […]

Kremlin-Western war: Lavrov takes a show off again

Lately, Russian foreign policy leader Sergei Lavrov has hinted several times that the Kremlin is ready to suspend “any business” with European countries, because of the disrespect that was shown to Russia in relation to Navalniy poisoning by the words of EU officials. What was it? And how to understand the next drunken dances of […]

Signs of Putin’s weakening and transformational processes in Russia

Hard lines dividing Russian intelligence agencies may signal Vladimir Putin’s slackening in the Kremlin. Despite he currently keeps Russia’s government well in hand, certain pressure groups representing the special agencies are likely to have grounds to bring into question  the governmental stability in the country. Competition between the agencies such as the GRU (Russia’s Military Intelligence […]

Moscow Divided On When Or Even Whether Lukashenka Must Go

President Alyaksandr Lukashenka naturally wants to extend his rule as long as possible, while Belarusians protesting in the streets want to bring it to an end as soon as they can. But Moscow, which has more than a little say in the matter (see EDM, September 8, 10), is divided as to whether and when […]