Russian intelligence nice chief shifts blame for Belarus unrest onto West to conceal Russia’s role

So, ladies and gents, Russia’s “blame-shifting” operation in Belarus can be considered complete. It aimed to conceal Russia’s intentions to absorb Belarus through puppet opposition and bloody crackdowns on street protests and claim it was all the evil plot by a flock of external forces — the United States, Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and […]

Individual sanctions against Kremlin’s satellites to hamper intense malign activity from third countries

Individual sanctions imposed against the Russian satellites will slow down local politicians’ recruiting by the Kremlin, hurt their financial base, and localize their business in Russia, thus creating additional pressure on its resource-based economy, adding to tension among the market players.  Russia’s foray and subversion against the U.S. and our allies include ops by Moscow’s […]

Navalny poisoning: GRU trace and Shoigu’s ambitions

The trail of the Russian GRU military intelligence is becoming more and more evident. While earlier the GRU involvement in Navalny poisoning was only one of the assumptions, a version, now we can confidently speak about the complicity of this particular intelligence agency in the attempt on the pocket opposition leader. Head of the German […]

A Problem For Putin: Belarus Is Not Ukraine Either Now Or If Moscow Annexes It

Belarus is not Ukraine either now or should Moscow try to annex it, Russian analysts are warning. It is far more integrated as a society than Ukraine is, with far fewer regional, linguistic or even religious divisions than exist in Ukraine; and it is far more European because so many of its people have visited […]

Russia aims to distort, compromise European symbols and values

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia initially positioned itself as a democratic, modern, and transformed state, striving to embrace Western values. But this game of “imitation” didn’t last long as Russia’s true commitment was rather quickly exposed to inheriting Soviet ideals, the exact opposite of democratic values. So this naturally resulted in a […]

Moscow’s games ongoing in Belarus

The arrival of Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin for a Minsk meeting with Alexander Lukashenko obviously meant preliminary coordination of Belarus’ integration agreements with Russia and the surrender of certain industrial assets to Moscow. Everything else is most likely to be formalized in writing directly during Putin-Lukashenko talks in the Kremlin. The Russian president does […]

Constraints of the Belarusian crisis for Russia

The ostentatious distancing of the Kremlin from the events in Belarus is not at all evidence of the Russian leadership’s indifference to the processes in the neighboring country. Moscow is busy analyzing the consequences and choosing the most accurate way to “force integration”. Putin’s strategic goal is to make Minsk’s foreign and domestic policy fully […]

German Tests Indicate Kremlin Critic Navalny ‘Poisoned’

The Charite hospital treating gravely ill Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny since he was medically airlifted to Germany two days earlier says that its tests indicate he was “poisoned.” Navalny “is in an intensive-care unit and is still in an induced coma,” it said on August 24, adding that his health “is serious but there […]

Russia plotting “Gleiwitz” incident for Belarus

There is a growing threat of a provocation by a third party at Belarus’ border with Poland and Lithuania. After dozens of Russian spies were uncovered in Belarus, military attaches were expelled on espionage suspicions and in the spring of 2019 Russian ambassador Mikhail Babich was kicked out, while Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was regularly […]

The Quick Way To Quasi-Recognition Of Donetsk-Luhansk’s Armed Formations: A Play-By-Play Account

Open-source evidence makes it possible to trace the steps that led Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, to quasi-recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk “armed formations” in a signed agreement at the political level (see EDM, July 29, 30, August 5). While the agreement’s full text has been released by all […]