Where In The World Is The EU Now?

In April 2015, Carnegie Europe published an article that analyzed the global footprint of the EU. Looking at the period of the second European Commission of former president José Manuel Barroso, which ran from February 2010¬ to October 2014, the article examined how the union deployed different foreign policy instruments across the world. Now, at […]

Thrifty With COVID-19 Relief, Putin Pursues Other Goals

Some of the European politicians whose approval ratings were underwater before February became popular “corona-time” leaders as they appeared open and determined in the face of the pandemic. Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has not enjoyed the kind of “rally around the flag” effect that befell many of his counterparts, but Putin’s political calculus is different, […]

Russia’s master class on “beating” coronavirus mortality

COVID-19 stats for Russia is becoming more and more absurd. Master class on how coronavirus mortality was “defeated” in Russia Day after day, Russia is breaking its own records in coronavirus incidence. Over the past day, Russia reported 10,633 new cases, bringing a total to 134,687, including 1,280 deaths (58 over past 24 hours). Many […]

Italian coronavirus stalemate, or “Beware of Russians offering a helping hand”

Plenty has been said and written about the Russian “assistance” to Italy in the framework of anti-coronavirus efforts. But, in fact, more and more details are surfacing around this pseudo-humanitarian mission, which is clearly designed to serve long-term objectives. The operation, led by Russia’s armed forces in the heart of Europe had initially raised many […]

Russian Population Does Not Trust the Authorities But Still Believes The Propaganda

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a growing public mistrust toward the Russian authorities. But at the same time, most Russians still believe state-promoted anti-Western conspiracy theories. The situation around the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in Russia is becoming increasingly tense. Russian officials now admit that existing tests were sometimes inaccurate, and the true number of patients […]

Moscow makes Donetsk “capital of world separatism”

Russia transfers the venue of annual gatherings of separatists from around the world to the occupied Donetsk. For quite a long time, Moscow has been organizing various events, convening representatives of separatist movements from around the globe. These events were fully consistent with Russia’s foreign political agenda, while granting Moscow the informal title of the […]

West, Russia Face Off In Belarus Over Baltic–Black Sea Waterway Project

Plans for a new Baltic–Black Sea waterway, passing through Ukraine, Belarus and Poland, have the potential to revolutionize the geopolitics of Europe’s East as well as exacerbate East-West tensions (see EDM, February 18). The European Union has labeled the project “E40,” and the United States has signaled its support.  And were the E40 waterway to […]

Russian puppets in EU once again call for sanction lift

Just the other day, describing the goals Russia is pursuing while providing its pseudo-humanitarian assistance to Italy, the USA, and Serbia, also imposing it on other countries under any pretext, I mentioned their intention to influence decisions on easing or lifting sanctions, especially to the accompaniment of the coronavirus spread, molding for itself the image […]

Russian Irregulars & PMCs In The ‘Heart’ Of Europe: The Case Of Kaliningrad Oblast

Despite looming socio-economic collapse in the 1990s, Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast managed—with extensive federal support—to overcome these difficulties. The policies aimed at support and recovery had little to do with concerns about the wellbeing of the locals; rather, the authorities feared that leaving the situation unaddressed could result in brewing discontent and the growth of anti-governmental […]