Ukraine presses treason charges against fugitive blogger

He has been part of Russia’s psyops targeting Ukraine, security operatives say. The Security Service of Ukraine, known as the SBU, says it has put forward criminal charges against Anatoliy Shariy, a fringe blogger and novice politician. Investigators say his activity has been the detriment of Ukraine’s national security in the media domain, as per […]

Ukrainian activists expose two prominent propagandists operating under Russian church cover

The Peacemaker Center, which adds to its database information about persons posing a threat to the Ukrainian state and society or have committed crimes against the foundations of national security, has filed its latest entry on the two high-profile propaganda assets promoting the ideas of the so-called “Russian World”, operating under the cover of the […]

European Union and WHO join forces to support deployment of COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination in Ukraine

The European Union and the WHO Regional Office for Europe will work together in a major effort to support the deployment of COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination in Ukraine. The project funded by the European Union and implemented by WHO will cover all phases – constituting “end-to-end” support – of COVID-19 vaccine deployment and vaccination and […]

George Woloshyn: Clearing the cobwebs from the Budapest Memorandum

The Budapest Memorandum guaranteed  Ukraine’s security in exchange for its nuclear weapons.  Out of the four signatories, only Ukraine has kept its pledges.  Even in the face of overt hostility, aggression, and invasion of Crimea by Russia, not one of the other three signatories has come even close to fulfilling its explicit and implied guarantees […]

Ukraine formally bans registration of Russian COVID-19 vaccines

Ukraine has formally banned registration of Russian-designed vaccines against coronavirus, the government said in a decree published on Wednesday (10 February). One of Europe’s poorest countries, Ukraine has lagged behind others in starting its vaccination programme against COVID-19, which has infected more than 1.25 million Ukrainians and killed 23,934 as of 10 February. But Ukrainian […]

Anatoly Shariy subversive actor working for Russian intelligence on European soil

Anatoly Shariy, who recently starred on a Catalan separatist TV channel, voicing false accusations against Ukraine, has further confirmed his affiliation with the Russian intelligence. Russia has long been implementing a large-scale campaign to have their assets penetrate the Western media space — tailoring these assets’ emigration, bribing local actors (experts, news agencies, and outlets), […]

Invaders’ “People’s Diplomacy” and Child Trafficking. Ethnic Dimension

One of the ethnic mafia groups, controlled by the Kremlin, has been developing in Crimea for several decades. Under the occupation, they control public catering, construction, cashing and laundering of funds, illegal international money transfers, human trafficking, including minors, and also provide funds for the Kremlin’s “people’s diplomacy” in Crimea. The formation of a syndicate […]

Kremlin using religion in information warfare against Ukraine: What you need to know

Patriarch Bartholomew’s visit to Ukraine as a blow to the Kremlin’s narcissism It’s with regret and pain that Moscow has been observing the recent developments in the global political arena, along with the positive processes in the life of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. President Zelensky inviting Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I to visit Ukraine, and […]

With Trump Fading, Ukraine’s President Looks to a Reset With the U.S.

“They roped us in, but I think we behaved with dignity,” Volodymyr Zelensky said of his encounter with American politics. MOSCOW — Finally free of the shadow of President Trump, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, is looking to put relations with the United States back on a sound footing with the incoming administration of President-elect […]