Russia’s “aid” for U.S. pure PR stunt aimed at having sanctions lifted – Ukraine’s senior diplomat

For Putin his own image matters more,” Bozhok noted “Russia helps everyone but Russians, who are the first one Kremlin should care about during COVID2019,” Bozhok wrote on Twitter , commenting on the news by the Russian Mission to the UN on the arrival of Russia’s alleged aid to the U.S. “But for Putin his […]

How Kremlin tries to legitimize Crimea seizure

The Kremlin pursues attempts to legalize Crimea annexation. Moscow has been generous in funding European lobbyists who launch Putin’s narratives into the information space and set up sorry events. Putin takes away from taxpayers – ordinary Russians – whatever there’s left in the budget just to sponsor Russia’s imperial ambitions. From cold Norway… Of the […]

New shelling shows Russian force in Ukraine – EUObserver.

The explosions occurred every ten seconds for three hours. Shelling in east Ukraine was so intense on Tuesday (18 February) that there were 1,094 explosions in the town of Kadiivka alone between 5:35 and 8:30, international monitors have said. That amounted to an explosion every ten seconds for three hours, EUobserver reported. The “marked spike in […]

The best defense is offense. The Kremlin is attacking Ukraine in the UN Security Council…

The Kremlin acts on the diplomatic world arena, based on the principle “The best defense is attack”. It is no secret to anyone in the West that under Putin Russia has become an aggressor country, which, while the whole world is trying to find a solution to global problems, only exacerbates them. Chekist Putin needs […]

The role of the intelligence and outright lies in establishing the cause of the crash

Large-scale disasters have always been the object of attention of both governments involved countries and the world community. Empowered rarely come to a consensus on the causes of the disaster, still less to establish the perpetrators. And if it happened through the fault of the military of another state – never! The history of civil […]

PS752 downing: Ukraine releases intercepted tower communications proving Iran was aware of missile launch all along

The record proves that the Iranians saw the missile from the moment it was launched and to the very moment it hit the Ukrainian plane. In breaking news from Ukraine, intercepted communications were released by TSN.Tyzhden between Tehran Airport tower and second pilot of Iran’s Aseman Airlines flight at the time of the crash of […]

Ukraine’s Fate Will Shape Global Security – & Americans Should Care

Over the past five months of impeachment-related media coverage, American audiences have grown accustomed to hearing about Ukraine – but do they actually care? This was the question reportedly posed by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a January 24 post-interview exchange with NPR radio host Mary Louise Kelly.  Secretary Pompeo is certainly not […]

Ukrainian Pundit Pessimistic About Impact Of Cosmetic Government Changes In Russia

Ukrainian pundit Aleksey Poltorakov in an interview with Yenicag news agency weighed pros and cons of the recent changes of the Russian government and described the changes as cosmetic. In view of topicality of issues the pundit commented on, Strati think tank translated the interview into English and presented to the attention of its readers keen on […]