Ukraine Needs More Than Lethal Aid From the United States

It Needs a Partner in Peace In a 2015 episode of the Ukrainian television program Servant of the People, president-elect Vasyl Holoborodko practices for his inaugural meeting with Angela Merkel. Holoborodko is played by the comic actor Volodymyr Zelensky, who won Ukraine’s real-life presidential election in a landslide last May. “Shake her hand gently,” Holoborodko’s adviser chides […]

Russian propaganda set to launch another smear campaign targeting Ukraine Army – OSINT group

The story will reportedly feature a Russian national who “suffered” at the hands of Ukrainian troops. The Kremlin is preparing another large-scale provocation against Ukraine using an array of propaganda media and diplomatic resources, a Ukraine-based OSINT group reports. On October 25-27, reporters with the Russian propaganda RIA Novosti, REN-TV and Russia 24 TV, with […]

Russia traps Ukraine

Russia’s activity in the declared settlement in the Donbass is the placement of traps that will achieve the ultimate goal: the federalization of Ukraine. Steinmeier Plan First, by forcing the fixation of the “Steinmeier formula”, Moscow wants Ukraine to be unable to control the Donbass before the elections. Obviously, in this case, ensuring a transparent […]

Beating at one point for a long time – the wall will fall, not only Boeing

The Kremlin is guided by this saying, organizing informational campaigns that are beneficial to it and that can last for years with the help of controlled media, dishonest officials and populists. And to the shame of Western democracy, freedom of speech and pluralism of opinion, it must be admitted that Moscow succeeds. On October 8, […]

Meet the Ukrainian Ex-Prosecutor Behind the Impeachment Furor

KIEV, Ukraine — As soon as he got the invitation from Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, it was abundantly clear to him what Mr. Trump’s allies were after. “I understood very well what would interest them,” Yuriy Lutsenko, Ukraine’s recently fired prosecutor general, said in an extensive interview in London. “I have 23 […]