ROCinU implements its large-scale hybrid campaign in the very heart of Ukraine

Religion is beyond politics. Many confessions in Ukraine live by this principle except one, for which participation in the country’s political life has become a strategic necessity. And it could probably be tolerated better if such participation was due to some mercantile goals, but in reality, the goals are completely different — it’s about threatening […]

China, Ukraine agree to work together on road, bridge and railway projects

Cooperation agreement signed days after Kiev withdrew from joint statement urging Beijing to allow UN human rights chief into Xinjiang Ukraine needs Chinese infrastructure investment and access to its market and is trying to balance relations with Beijing and the West, analysts say China and Ukraine have agreed to boost cooperation on infrastructure projects, days […]

US support for Ukraine should be tied to reform progress

Ukraine is the most important country in the ongoing confrontation between Russia and the West. This makes Ukraine’s domestic reform agenda a strategic priority for the entire Western world. The recent Russian military buildup on the Ukrainian border sparked international alarm over the prospect of a major escalation in the simmering seven-year conflict between the […]

The only way to deter Putin is to arm Ukraine

Spring 2021 saw the biggest Russian military buildup on the Ukrainian border since the seven-year war between the two countries first erupted in 2014. While Moscow’s late April announcement of impending Russian troop withdrawals initially eased international concerns over the possibility of a new Kremlin offensive, current intelligence reports indicate that the vast majority of […]

Ukraine to allies: West must act now to ensure no new Russia military offensive

Ukraine urged Western allies to show they were prepared to punish Moscow with new sanctions, including kicking Russia out of the global SWIFT payments system, to deter the Kremlin from resorting to more military force against Ukraine. In an interview with Reuters on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said while Kyiv had no new information […]

Moscow Moving 15 Warships From Caspian Sea to Waters off Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today (April 13) that Moscow is sending 15 naval vessels from its Caspian Flotilla to waters off Ukraine to take part in military exercises there. Earlier, Russian and Ukrainian media had reported stories about a smaller number. Although the vessels must pass through a 100-kilometer-long canal with more than […]

Russian propagandists at it again, claiming Ukraine Army shelled Donetsk suburb, killing civilian at his home

Fake reports from the occupied territories are piling up. After the entire pool of Russian “blood-thirsty” propaganda pundits was deployed in the occupied Donetsk, it was worth expecting provocations that would be staged to imitate a Ukrainian offensive and shelling of the civilian neighborhoods in the stronghold of the “independent Donbas”. And so they kick […]

Russia about to launch offensive in Southern Ukraine and stage false flag attacks

Russia is about to launch an offensive in Southern Ukraine. The strike is quite possible to be delivered from the annexed Crimea’s side and the breakaway territories of Donbas, in an effort to join them with Crimea, to get access to fresh water to meet the peninsula’s needs, and to have an overland link from […]