U.S. extraction of top spy leaves chairs rocking under senior Russian officials – media

Among other things, Smolenkov allegedly conveyed to Americans plenty of valuable intelligence on military issues. The story of a CIA mole in the Russian government, Oleg Smolenkov, who recent media reports say was exfiltrated to the U.S. via Montenegro back in 2017 amid looming threats of being exposed, led to negative consequences for a number […]

Trump tries to force Ukraine to meddle in the 2020 election

UKRAINE’S NEOPHYTE president, Volodymyr Zelensky, took a big step this week toward proving that he will be, as he promised, the most pro-reform president in Ukraine’s history. On Monday, he laid out a breathtakingly ambitious five-year plan including virtually every measure the International Monetary Fund and Western governments have urged on Ukraine in recent years, […]

Military expert Mammad Mammadov: Provocation of war

Gas is the reason the Kremlin forces military aggravation between Armenia and Azerbaijan Apparently the Kremlin is annoyed by the fact that the Azerbaijani side does not respond to the provocative statements of the Armenian authorities! Indeed, the Kremlin, in the current situation, when the other day gas will go to Europe from Azerbaijan, escalation […]

INF’s Demise: What Does It Mean To The World?

In yet another disruptive policy announcement, the Trump administration announced on August 2, 2019 the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty due to the alleged violation of the treaty by the Russian Federation. On February 2, the US provided its six-month notice of withdrawal from the treaty. The US defended its decision […]

Georgia: “Elections” In Abkhazia: Russian Occupiers, Chinese, Turks & Armenians

The Georgian Foreign Ministry in a statement has described the so-called “elections” in the breakaway Abkhazia as another unsuccessful attempt to legitimize the occupation of the region and the de facto annex the region. Official Tbilisi calls on the international community to give a proper assessment of the illegalities and take effective measures to suspend […]

Hybrid Europe with “made in Russia” tag

Alright then, ladies and gentlemen, this week seems to be a heavy freighter full of unpleasant surprises charging at Ukraine. Although, to some extent, there is nothing really surprising in what is happening, against the background of the West’s total connivance in confrontation with the Kremlin’s hybrid aggression. But first things first… To begin with, […]