Israeli, Saudi, and Emirati Officials Privately Pushed for Trump to Strike a “Grand Bargain” with Putin

During a private meeting shortly before the November, 2016, election, Mohammed bin Zayed, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, floated to a longtime American interlocutor what sounded, at the time, like an unlikely grand bargain. The Emirati leader told the American that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, might be interested in resolving the conflict in […]

Ten Reasons Why Trump Should Visit Ukraine

Barack Obama never visited Ukraine as president, and he was the only US president that didn’t visit independent Ukraine while in office. President Donald Trump should. Ukraine has embarked on a massive overhaul of the country and here are ten reasons why the US president should pay a visit. Opportunities for US business are significant. […]

Putin’s Victory: Why Turkey And America Made Each Other Weaker

On July 16, President Donald Trump poorly articulated the first of what is expected to be two actions taken in response to Turkey’s purchase and acquisition of the Russian made S-400. In a meandering and error-filled statement, President Trump noted that “because they [Turkey] have a system of missiles made in Russia, they are prohibited […]

Ukraine has an extraordinary chance to turn things around

UKRAINE’S POLITICAL elite has repeatedly blown chances to stabilize the country and ensure its independence from Russia. Now, a whole new group will have a chance. On July 21, frustrated voters replaced more than 60 percent of the parliament, relegating the parties that have run the government in the past to the margins. The big winner […]

Amid Trump’s Denial, Tehran Claims 17 Alleged CIA Spies Arrested & Convicted

Iran claimed on July 22 it had arrested 17 Iranian nationals allegedly recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to spy on the country’s nuclear and military sites and that some have already been sentenced to death. In a Monday morning tweet, President Trump called the report of the arrests “totally false”. “The report of […]

Kamala Harris Won in Miami, but Vladimir Putin Won in Osaka

As the first Democratic debates of the 2020 campaign ended Thursday night, in a Miami theatre, President Donald Trump walked into the official photograph of the G-20 summit of world leaders, in Osaka, Japan. Strolling alongside him was the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who, hours earlier, had declared Western-style liberalism dead and “no longer tenable” […]

As U.S. Pressure On Turkey Mounts Over S-400 Missile System, Russia Vows Timely Delivery

Passions run high around S-400 missile defense system purchased by Turkey but not yet delivered as well as a possible war in the Persian Gulf between Iran and the U.S. and with possible involvement of Arab countries and Israel on the side of Washington. The delivery of S-400 missile defense systems to Turkey is going […]

A Pitch for a Nationwide 5G Network Tailor-Made for Trump’s 2020 Campaign

Earlier this spring, Karl Rove, the veteran Republican strategist, was making the rounds in Congress to talk up Rivada Networks, a telecommunications company with a 5G business model predicated on partnering with the Department of Defense. Rove, a registered lobbyist for and investor in Rivada, met with staff members of the Senate Armed Services Committee […]