Russia traps Ukraine

Russia’s activity in the declared settlement in the Donbass is the placement of traps that will achieve the ultimate goal: the federalization of Ukraine. Steinmeier Plan First, by forcing the fixation of the “Steinmeier formula”, Moscow wants Ukraine to be unable to control the Donbass before the elections. Obviously, in this case, ensuring a transparent […]

Beating at one point for a long time – the wall will fall, not only Boeing

The Kremlin is guided by this saying, organizing informational campaigns that are beneficial to it and that can last for years with the help of controlled media, dishonest officials and populists. And to the shame of Western democracy, freedom of speech and pluralism of opinion, it must be admitted that Moscow succeeds. On October 8, […]

To be on thin ice of “formulas” or mathematical calculation

An equal sign in mathematics was invented by the Welshman Robert Record in 1557, and finally introduced it to the formulas by the Saxon Gottfried Leibniz. In mathematics, it denotes a simple statement of fact or conditional operators. For example, if the variable F (sht) = capitulation, then … Despite the optimistic assessment in the […]

Meet the Ukrainian Ex-Prosecutor Behind the Impeachment Furor

KIEV, Ukraine — As soon as he got the invitation from Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, it was abundantly clear to him what Mr. Trump’s allies were after. “I understood very well what would interest them,” Yuriy Lutsenko, Ukraine’s recently fired prosecutor general, said in an extensive interview in London. “I have 23 […]

History Shows Impeachment Battles Risky & Unpredictable

  President Donald Trump made history this past week, but not the kind he had hoped for. Trump is now the fourth U.S. president to become the subject of an impeachment inquiry, the U.S. constitutional process whereby Congress may remove a president from office. But if history is any guide, both sides should take note […]

Financial resources must be concentrated in Eastern Ukraine

The former Minister of Finance believes that “the Donbas region must be the face of reforms Ukraine wants to launch an international plan for the economic recovery of the eastern territories that are controlled by Kiev and that are close to the front line with the secessionists supported by Russia. Since 2014, after the Russian […]

Spy passions or the Ukrainian “shoe about to drop” for Mr.Trump

A year and a half ago, CNN released a half-joking story that compared the width of the legs of the classic “dictatorial” costumes of US President Donald Trump and DPRK President Kim Jong-un. “Forget about the arms race – we are talking about the trouser race,” CNN said. It seems that the scandal surrounding the […]

Ukrainian “footprint” in Libyan civil war Russian disinformation– media

Undoubtedly, Moscow is determined to vilify Ukraine’s image in the eyes of the international community, the report stresses. Several episodes where Il-76TD turbofan strategic airlifters, owned by Ukraine-registered companies were damaged or destroyed in war-torn Libya sparked a series of reports in Russian information outlets claiming the aircraft had been smuggling weapons to both sides […]

China’s Growing Interest In Ukraine: A Window Of Opportunity Or A Point Of Concern?

During his recent visit to Ukraine, on August 28, United States National Security Advisor John R. Bolton forcefully argued against Kyiv permitting the selling of a controlling stake in Motor Sich—one of the world’s largest manufacturers of advanced engines for civil and military airplanes and helicopters—to China’s Beijing Skyrizon Aviation. Such a decision would be […]

Statement by the Spokesperson on the non-recognition of Russian local elections in the Crimean peninsula

Local and regional elections were held in the Russian Federation on 8 September and in the Crimean peninsula. The European Union does not recognise the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by the Russian Federation, and continues to condemn this violation of international law. Therefore, the European Union does not recognise the holding of elections in the Crimean […]