Winning The Peace Against Coronavirus

Europe is awash with war talk. Emmanuel Macron and other leaders have proclaimed that their countries are at war. Angela Merkel and Giuseppe Conte have described the COVID-19 crisis as the gravest hitting their countries since World War II. War-like metaphors point to the human cost of the pandemic, the scale of the mobilisation required […]

“Italian Holiday” for Russian military intelligence

As the first Il-76 military cargo plane took off to Italy carrying the “from Russia with love” humanitarian aid, concerns were raised that it wasn’t love that these Russian military planes were bringing to a NATO Ally. In fact, instead of health ministry experts, the deployed group consists of high-ranking officers of Russia’s defense ministry […]

Coronavirus – New Threat before the World Population and Problems of the Global Panic Related to the Virus

Introduction In the contemporary period, the Coronavirus has been spread in more than 180 countries around the world and as of March 23, 2020, about 354 677 patients worldwide have been infected with this disease. The virus killed 15 436 patients and 100 462 people have been recovered. It is noteworthy that as of March […]

The Coronavirus Is A Test For The West

Won’t happen here, not in Europe. It’s taking place far away, across the world, in China. Such was the refrain until the coronavirus struck northern Italy and with a terrible vengeance. Until then, much attention in Europe was focused on how the Chinese Communist Party had imposed draconian methods to contain the virus and equally […]

Coronavirus apocalypse in Russia, or “all in the name of coronation amid the plague”

Russian authorities are trying to suppress reports about the actual extent of coronavirus spread across the country, so as not to disrupt the turnout for Vladimir Putin’s actual coronation scheduled for April 22. The situation with coronavirus in Russia is taking a rather worrying turn. Indeed, judging by official statements, the number of confirmed cases […]

Quarantine & The Supply Chain

The global medical community appears to have devised a strategy for mitigating the coronavirus that depends largely on quarantine, or limiting contact among the infected and potentially infected, thereby limiting the virus’ spread. No one expects this strategy to eliminate the virus, of course. The hope is to keep it at bay long enough for […]

Coronavirus vaccine test opens with 1st doses

SEATTLE (AP) — U.S. researchers gave the first shots in a first test of an experimental coronavirus vaccine Monday, leading off a worldwide hunt for protection even as the pandemic surges. With careful jabs in the arms of four healthy volunteers, scientists at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute in Seattle began an anxiously awaited […]

Politics, Football And A Change Of Geopolitical Course Of Bulgaria

Boyko Borisov, the current Bulgarian Prime Minister and a representative of the charismatic leadership model in Bulgarian politics, has been a constant feature of the country’s political landscape since at least 2005. His policies have generally been regarded as reflective of the wide pro-European Union consensus in Bulgaria. In a Europe that has seen the […]