The number of populations, who lived in extremely poverty has been reduced to the historical minimum

Mariam Shport Research Fellow. Graduate of the International Black Sea University    Good news is less scandalous and as it is the rule, they are spread hardly. Anyway, it is necessary to point out, that in 2018, the percentage of population, who lived in poverty has reached the historic minimum and unfortunately there was no […]

As Armenia Marks Anniversary of 2018 Revolution, U.S. Urges Pashinyan To End Playing Politics

U.S. patience with Armenia’s new government under Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is wearing thin as the administration through influential mouthpieces is urging official Yerevan to end a game of cat-and-mouse and get down to work. Washington is increasingly assertive in its criticism of Armenia’s ties with Russia and Iran, but it’s not clear whether it […]

The India–Pakistan Security Crisis

A 14 February Jaysh e-Mohammad terrorist attack killing Indian military personnel in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir triggered the worst escalation of India–Pakistan tensions in nearly two decades. De-escalation ensued, but, especially given that high-level diplomacy may not resume in the short term, better crisis-management tools are required to ensure that war is […]

Генсек ОБСЄ застеріг від загострення конфлікту між РФ і Україною

Світлана Кореновська (Deutsche Welle) 24 грудня 2018. З окремих осередків вогню може розгорітися величезна пожежа, заявив Томас Ґремінґер в інтерв’ю Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. Політична воля для примирення відсутня. Конфлікт між Росією і Україною може знову загостритися, застерігає Організація з безпеки і співробітництва в Європі (ОБСЄ). “У мене є побоювання, що може виникнути ланцюгова реакція. Там, де […]

Russians are good at disrupting societies – Chief of Democrats Abroad Ukrainian office

Taras Kosiuk, IAJ Ukraine Away 26 січня 2019. Reno Domenico, Chairman of Democrats Abroad Ukrainian office, President and Executive Director of Sterling business school in Kyiv, spoke about Russian meddling, Ukraine’s prospects against the background of Russian aggression, and the destructive role of social media in foreign interference practices. These days, we’re seeing a lot of […]