Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2019: Disordered Proteins As Drug Targets

Decades ago, scientists identified a particular class of proteins driving illnesses from cancer to neurodegenerative disease. These “intrinsically disordered proteins” (IDPs) looked different from the proteins with rigid structures that were more familiar in cells. IDPs were shape-shifters, appearing as ensembles of components that constantly changed configurations. This loose structure allows the IDPs to bring […]

Green Banks: Financing The Low-Carbon Future

On the evening of July 10, the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center hosted a  conversation on green banks, where climate finance leaders openly discussed the role of green financial institutions as tools that work to unlock investment for clean energy initiatives. Following brief welcoming remarks by David Livingston, deputy director for climate and advanced energy […]

Black Sea twice as polluted by marine litter as Mediterranean Sea – EU/UNDP project’s survey

Odesa, 30 July 2019 – The amount of marine litter in the Black Sea is almost twice as high as in the Mediterranean Sea, while concentrations of some pollutants exceed their toxicity threshold value. These are the results of the Joint Black Sea Surveys presented by the EU/UNDP-funded project “Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black […]

Should We All Take the Slow Road to Love?

Millennials are going on fewer dates, having less sex and marrying later. Do they know something about love that the rest of us don’t? Is the secret to lasting love to take it slow? As in really, really slow? The millennial generation is putting that theory to the test, opting for what the biological anthropologist […]

Three Technologies That Could Define The Next Decade Of Cybersecurity

In little over a decade, cybercrime has moved from being a specialist and niche-crime type to one of the most significant strategic risks facing the world today, according to the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2019. Nearly every technologically advanced state and emerging economy in the world has made it a priority to mitigate […]

The film “Smachnogo!”: The art of finding common values.

The promotion of Ukrainian culture in the global dimension dictates the need to find new means that are adequate to the expectations and needs of the inhabitants of the modern world. The key to success here should be the ingenuity and unordinary approaches, the development of the original form of presentation of artistic content, the […]

Georgia’s Perpetual Street Of Protest

The anger is not all about Russia. The Georgian Dream government is increasingly unpopular with large segments of the population Georgia is an angry democracy. A recent Gallup survey found that 27 percent of Georgians said they felt angry “yesterday.” That was more than enough to bring large numbers of protestors out onto Rustaveli Avenue, […]

The number of populations, who lived in extremely poverty has been reduced to the historical minimum

Mariam Shport Research Fellow. Graduate of the International Black Sea University    Good news is less scandalous and as it is the rule, they are spread hardly. Anyway, it is necessary to point out, that in 2018, the percentage of population, who lived in poverty has reached the historic minimum and unfortunately there was no […]