The film “Smachnogo!”: The art of finding common values.

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The promotion of Ukrainian culture in the global dimension dictates the need to find new means that are adequate to the expectations and needs of the inhabitants of the modern world. The key to success here should be the ingenuity and unordinary approaches, the development of the original form of presentation of artistic content, the successful selection of target audience. Only in these circumstances, any cultural action will achieve its goal in terms of establishing long creative and personal relationships among its participants.


A good example of such work has recently been presented by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine within the framework of the implementation of the Concept of Popularization of Ukraine in the world. This is a presentation at the premises of the French Institute in Paris, the film “Smachnogo!”, Designed to unite Ukraine and France through each other through a thin line of art. This is a short film about two friends-chefs: Ukrainian Nicholas and Frenchman Patrick, who managed to combine the gastronomic capabilities of Ukraine and France and create new unsurpassed culinary masterpieces.


“Smachnogo!” Tells you how you can combine two cultures, two cuisines in an interesting way. For example, our “banosh” dish has become “la banosh”. Instead of cheese we took roquefort cheese, instead of sour cream – cream, instead of fat and traditional «шкварок» – bacon. And thus they made Ukrainian dishes in French style “, – adviser of the minister of information policy Marina Sobotyuk speaks.


The event itself, which took place in a contemporary and friendly format for guests, deserves special attention. In addition to “Smachnogo!” On the screen, it was delicious and after watching. For the audience, they held a master class for cooking dumplings and generously treated delicious Ukrainian dishes. The presentation was attended by Ukrainian and French diplomats, representatives of our diaspora, local art lovers.


“I think it would be a perfect recipe for a cinema – if you do not just look, you can eat it right away.” Unfortunately, 4-D food printers are not connected to each cinema. This is an interesting event. Such as to include a film about culinary traditions and a master class right away, and that there was no such thing as delicious food, “Irena Karp, the cultural secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in France, shared the impressions of the ideological inspiration of the event.


“It was delicious (Smachno!). I would say so, perhaps, the biggest compliment for the authors is that the tape excite the appetite. As for me, very successfully showed that our products are high quality, fresh, natural. This is just a niche that we can fill “, – summed up the results of the event Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to France Oleg Shamshur. He expressed confidence that the tape should be seen not only in France but also in other countries, and after viewing, viewers will want to taste the Ukrainian, especially what they saw on the screen. Also, according to him, the frames of Kiev, Odessa and other Ukrainian cities should attract tourists.


The original approach of the Ministry of Information Policy is not used for the first time. “Smachnogo!” Was the continuation of the last year’s film “Thank you”, which talked about the tourist attractions of Ukraine with the eyes of the Japanese traveler. Both works were shot at the order of the Ministry by the company “Best Friends Film”.


“Thank you” has already been awarded the special prize “Special Awards” at the Zagreb Tourfilm Festival (Zagreb, Croatia). Also the tape took the second place in the category “Tourist Direction – Region” at the XI International Tourist Film Festival “Tourfilm Riga 2018” in Riga (Latvia). “Thank you” won in the nomination “best installation” at the monthly international festival “Short to the point” (Romania).


I want to believe that the widespread acceptance of the cinematic community will be waiting for the “Smachnogo!” Tape. At least, the extremely favorable reaction of the French audience allows it to be hoped.


Such creative work helps to establish international communication between countries as much as possible. The high-quality contemporary art awakens the audience to the beauty and creates a fresh look at the cultural heritage of other peoples. And Ukraine really has something to present to a compelling foreign public, creating additional artistic means of world outlook for uniting around shared values. And you can start with gastronomic preferences, because in Ukrainian tradition frank conversation always begins at a generous table!

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