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It arrived in the regiment condemning the annexation of Crimea.

Deputies of the National Congress of Paraguay condemned Russia’s aggression against Crimea, and also expressed support for Ukraine in the search for “international legal ways to end the temporary Russian occupation of Crimea.” The Declaration was adopted in connection with the continuing occupation of a part of the territory of Ukraine by Russia, which violates national sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity.

After almost seven years, this news no longer hurts the eyes and does not cause emotions. In addition, Paraguay is the least developed country in South America, where soybeans and cotton are the mainstays of the economy. The voice of this country on the world stage is almost inaudible. However, if you look closely, this event shows a worldwide trend.

During the years of confrontation with the West, Russia has made a lot of mistakes. More precisely crimes. The democratic world responded to the best of its agility and within the legal framework. That is, sanctions and diplomatic pressure.

But the worldwide sentiment against Moscow did not arise after its aggression against Ukraine and Georgia. Russia has long been preaching barbaric behavior, violating its own obligations and committing crimes.

The West has never accepted Russian aggressiveness. Therefore, the efforts of the Kremlin and the pro-Russian lobby in the West to ease the sanctions did not ease the pressure on the Putin regime. Since Moscow does not show a desire for real compromises with Ukraine and the West, this pressure will continue until the troublemaker is completely dismantled.

No matter how hard the German parliamentarians tried to convey the thesis about the failure of the sanctions policy, the restrictions did their job. Russia lays down. The regime is completing its pupation, walled up itself behind the iron curtain, shields itself from external justice, censors its media and the Internet in the hope of protecting its population from the truth, expands the powers of punitive bodies, blindly believing in the cementing of power.

The wave of new large-scale challenges to Russian authority in the zone of “traditional” influence discredits the very status of a great power. The bankruptcy of Moscow on the foreign course, miscalculations in the economy, domestic social policy, the failures of the special services and the lies of the propaganda machine have narrowed the influence of the Kremlin. Even regional leaders have ceased to be afraid of Russia’s military “might”. The Armata and Iskanders no longer cause awe in their opponents.

They do not beat the lying person – this rule is appropriate in hand-to-hand combat. In world politics, the strategy is diametrically opposite. Strategic containment, previously seen in gusts of wind, is now turning into a steady monsoon that everyone joins in, capturing the global trend.

The annexation lovers club at the UN is losing its clients. Soon Belarus and Armenia will officially withdraw from it. Who will remain among the “approvers” of the annexation – Iran, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe?


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