Azerbaijan Slams French Senate’s Provocative Karabakh Document

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Parliament in Azerbaijan on November 26 urged the government to strip Paris of its mediation role in the separatist Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in protest at the French Senate’s resolution backing the breakaway region’s independence.

The French resolution adopted on November 25 came after a Russia-brokered November 10 ceasefire ending six-week of fighting in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, part of Azerbaijan partly populated by ethnic Armenians.

The endorsed resolution is symbolic and is not binding the French government to recognize Nagorno-Karabakh as a sovereign entity. Many pundits in Azerbaijan and in the world, who are closely linked to the developments in the region, believe the Senate sent a message of support to France’s large Armenian community. However, proceeding from ‘one fool makes many’, Baku is concerned about its fallout and the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry denounced France, ascribing it to a provocation with a senior Baku official calling the Senate’s resolution a piece of paper.

The move elicited outrage in Azerbaijan and NGO leaders and public activists took to the streets to picket the French embassy in Baku. Hundreds of activists protested the French embassy, chanting “France, be fair!”

The Senate resolution, advisory in nature was supported by 305 senators. “The Senate calls on the government to recognize the republic of Nagorno-Karabakh and make this recognition a negotiating tool for establishing lasting peace,” according to the resolution.

Armenia’s reaction

As expected, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan hailed the Senate resolution.

“The decision of the French Senate is historic. The international recognition of Artsakh is on the international agenda,” Pashinyan’s Facebook post said.

“This piece of paper, adopted in the name of narrow political ambitions, along with a gross violation of international law, the UN Charter and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, raises serious questions in connection with the intentions and objective activities of France both as a co-chairing country of the OSCE Minsk Group and as a permanent member of the UN Security Council,” presidential foreign policy aide, Hikmat Haciyev, said.

The parliament’s statement of protest against the resolution of the French Senate on the recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh said.

“In connection with the resolution of the French Senate, adopted on November 25, 2020 as a result of provocations of certain Turkophobic and Islamophobic political circles, as well as Armenian ethnic groups operating in France, the Milli Maclis of the Republic of Azerbaijan stated.

In November 2020, the puppet entity, called “Nagorno-Karabakh republic”, which was not recognized by any state and illegally created by the Armenian armed forces during the occupation in 1988-1994 on Azerbaijani territories, seized to exist;

The French Senate initiative to recognize this puppet structure is an attempt to provoke the French government to violate the basic norms and principles of international law;

This step by the French Senate contradicts the commitments undertaken by the French Republic within the framework of the EU’s global strategy on foreign and security policy, including documents on the territorial integrity of states, consistently adopted by the Council of the European Union since 2016;
Implementation of the provisions of this resolution deals a crushing blow to the EU and its Eastern Partnership program;

One of the main reasons that the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was not resolved, which posed a threat to the security of the South Caucasus and Europe as a whole for almost 30 years, was that the states that played the role of international mediators in peace negotiations, in particular France, did not name the aggressor, did not differentiate between the occupier and its victim;

Armenia, interested in the continuation of instability in the South Caucasus region, having enlisted the support of foreign forces, intending to finally disrupt peace negotiations and legitimize the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, on September 27, 2020, committed another provocation against Azerbaijan, however, Azerbaijan’s counter-offensive operations that lasted 44 days, which used the right to self-defense in accordance with Article 52 of the UN Charter, forced the aggressor Armenia to peace;

The resolution of the French Senate put forward unfounded and false allegations that the Turkish armed forces participated in the counter-offensive of Azerbaijan and that mercenaries brought from some regions of Middle East conflict were used against Armenia, war crimes were committed against the civilian population in Nagorno-Karabakh, but no evidence of this was provided;

Along with this, there are irrefutable facts that Armenia brought into the war zone from foreign countries, including from France, groups of mercenaries who are chauvinists, racists and terrorists and used them against Azerbaijan, committed grave war crimes against civilians and civilian objects of Azerbaijan located far from the war zone;

During the aggressive war against Azerbaijan in 1992-1994, the Armenian armed forces committed a number of massacres against the Azerbaijani civilian population, including the Khojaly genocide, which is one of the most terrible tragedies of the 20th century;

The French Republic, which considers itself an “example” of respect for human rights and democratic values, has chosen to remain silent in response to these crimes committed against Azerbaijani civilians;

During the period of colonial rule, the French armed forces committed mass killings of hundreds of thousands of civilians because of their ethnicity and religion. The committed acts of genocide are a black spot in the political history of France that cannot be removed;

The trilateral statement, signed on November 10, 2020 by the presidents of Azerbaijan, Russia and the Armenian prime minister, put an end to the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which lasted for more than 30 years, the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, opened the way for the further development of the South Caucasus region;

This tripartite statement established the supremacy of the norms and principles of international law, ensured the implementation of resolutions No. 822, 853, 874 and 884 adopted in 1993 by the UN Security Council and supported by the French Republic itself, resolutions No. 62/243 adopted in 2008 by the UN General Assembly, and also documents adopted in different years by the EU and the European Parliament, PACE, the OIC, the Non-Aligned Movement, the European Court of Human Rights and other authoritative international structures.

The Azerbaijani Milli Maclis emphasizes that the new realities in the South Caucasus region, created as a result of the comprehensive efforts of Azerbaijan, should be accepted by all international organizations and states, including the French Republic, recalls that these realities are supported by Russia and Turkey, who have authority in the region, and adopted by Armenia.

Considering the above, the parliament calls on the government of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

1. Apply to the OSCE leadership to have France stripped of the status that questioned the neutrality of its position and the latest statements of the French Republic from the co-chairmanship of the OSCE Minsk Group;
2. Examine the existing political relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the French Republic;

3. After deeply analyzing the existing economic ties between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the French Republic, take the necessary measures.”

The issue that literally knocks – where was France for 30 years, which, in the opinion of many European Armenians, is the savoir? Armenia cannot find a way out of the geopolitical impasse. The foreign policy course pursued by the country’s leadership has given rise to many problems, which, combined with complex processes occurring at the global level, further complicate the situation for Yerevan. Now official Yerevan blames almost all major powers for not providing him with the necessary support. And so did France.

Macron’s love for Armenians

Actually, the actions of Emmanuel Macron are not dictated by any selfless love for Armenians. He is preparing for the upcoming presidential elections in April 2022, where it would be good for him to enlist the backing of Armenians.

For almost three centuries, France has been acting as a catalyst for anti-Islamic, anti-Turkic sentiments. History has not forgotten about the anti-human acts of France in the Muslim countries of Africa and the Middle East. This once again proves Charlie Hebdo’s insult to the feelings of Muslims. France became the base of the terrorist organizations ASALA, PKK. Echoing the false fabrications of the Armenians, Macron stated that Syrian militants are fighting on the side of Azerbaijan in Karabakh.

Macron and his henchmen, officials who replicate lies at the state level, do not notice the patriotic feelings and the actions of the Azerbaijanis dictated by them, who rushed into battle in the name of liberating their territories. Had Macron and his henchmen had concrete proofs, they would have spread them long ago through the media at their disposal.

However, in the absence of these, the French president resorts to unfounded accusations and blackmail against Azerbaijan. Apparently, the peacekeeping notes break through Macron only when it comes to Armenians. How quickly did he forget the French massacre in Algeria?

The impulses of Macron, the president of democratic France, the Christian feelings that have stirred up in him, which without a twinge of conscience he puts in the service of his political ambitions, right to say, are ridiculous. They are especially absurd in the light of France’s co-chairmanship in the OSCE Minsk Group. However, a co-chair must adhere to a neutral, unbiased position. In this regard, the statements of Emmanuel Macron and the resolution of the French Senate in defense of Armenians and Armenia contradict the mission undertaken by Paris.

France not a mediator but an accomplice of the occupier

In addition, France is trying to put pressure on Ankara. Moreover, Macron does not even hide his antipathy towards Turkey. Commenting on the statements of French President Emmanuel Macron on Turkey, Turkish President’s Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin called the actions of the French leader part of the Armenian strategy.

Kalin recalled that for decades, Azerbaijan had been trying to bring peace closer through negotiations, but all Baku’s attempts failed against the destructive position of Yerevan. Moreover, Azerbaijan has practically accumulated a reasoned ground in order to expose its “bill” to France on the negative influence of Paris on the process of stabilizing peace in Karabakh. Suffice it to recall France’s one-sided calls for a unilateral cease-fire by Azerbaijan and Macron’s calls to Ilham Aliyev with an attempt to put pressure on Azerbaijan.

Is it possible to say that France is represented by some well-organized “pro-Armenian mafia” at the state level, promoting exclusively Armenian interests, which means that it is deliberately engaged in its “vision” of the Karabakh issue?
Definitely, as was repeatedly said that France is the most ardent patron of Armenia, and Paris played an equally important role in the occupation of Azerbaijan’s territories. Moreover, today in a number of African countries France is pursuing a consistent policy of destabilization, overthrowing governments and organizing civil unrest, for which it makes extensive use of the capabilities of mercenaries.

It is no secret that the French concept of legionnaires is based on the idea of using military mercenaries from other countries. All these events remind us again and again: France is a friend of aggressive Armenia, which committed genocide against Azerbaijanis, therefore, it cannot be a reliable ally of Azerbaijan, and you will not get any justice or objectivity from it.

Therefore, Azerbaijan, despite its desire to develop relations with all countries of the world, cannot but react to such a more than unfriendly step by France. Is it not time for France to leave the Minsk format on its own? After all, with such a mediator, we do not need enemies either.

It is clear that this law will contribute to the incitement of hostility and hate crimes in both countries. The Senate endorsement of the resolution will move this dispute from the political and intellectual realms to other areas, setting the stage for ultra-nationalist incitement.

It is clear that France wants to somehow start playing a new game. Nevertheless, for this, as Baku correctly puts it, such pieces of paper are too insignificant. Now, if there is a decision of the negative Paris, then we can say that France has joined the game. In the meantime, there is nothing like this. The resolution is nothing, since it is not a decision, but only an imitation.

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