Belarusian George Floyd — here it comes…

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Russian journalists are molding a Gorge Floyd out of an activist killed in Minsk on August 10.

On the morning of August 10, I published an article “Hybrid Belarus urgently needs its own hybrid George Floyd” where, describing the previous night’s developments in Minsk, I emphasized that a sacred victim is needed to catalyze destructive processes in Belarus. This mustn’t be some local madman who throws himself under the wheels of a police truck but an innocent martyred protester.

And then, on the night of the same day, the hybrid Belarusian protest gets its hybrid George Floyd, who the official version says died in a rather stupid way (which doesn’t make him a martyr) but other versions claim the circumstances of his death were rather strange. What’s not strange though is that 10 days into the outbreak of protests that are starting to wear out, Russian pseudo-journalists start aggressively spinning the narrative of his death being that of a martyr, drawing parallels with BLM riots’ igniter George Floyd who had been killed by police…

That’s right, this is about Alexander Taraikovsky, who died while trying to hurl some kind of an explosive device at the riot police before it set off in his hands (that’s per the official report).

What is most interesting in this story is that the moment of Taraikovsky’s death was captured on video by Associated Press correspondent Mstislav Chernov.However, it’s shot in extremely poor quality…

If Chernov’s name seems familiar to you, don’t be surprised. It was this “journalist”, who together with his colleague Yuri Karmanov published a report about the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine, replete with massive manipulation and fake assumptions that were previously spread in the Russian media. And this was posted by the respected Associated Press! But why be surprised?

For example, in 2018, the same journalists published — also on AP — a report “Nationalist camp in Ukraine trains kids to kill” claiming that there are some institutions for children in Ukraine, supported by government, that train minors to murder people. They claimed the Ukrainian authorities, represented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, allegedly financed “nationalist camps”. However, it turned out that the camp that starred in the video never received financial support from the state. Meanwhile, this material fit well into the Russian propaganda line about nationalism in Ukraine, while also distracting public attention from the “YunArmia” in Russia, an analogue of the Hitler Youth, that was indeed funded by the Russian government.

Now let’s get back to Belarus. So, while Mstislav Chernov releases a video with a 10-day delay for reasons that remain unclear, another pseudo-journalist (read “GRU operative) Alexander Kots is hopping on the spin train. This is the guy who during his Donbas deployment was so lucky he would always be the first one to appear at the site of some incident. Many even noticed that wherever Kots appeared, some tragic events were inevitably set to unfold. So, it was he who is now actively pushing the narrative about the Belarusian George Floyd.

In conditions where the Kremlin has not fully decide which plan to apply to Lukashenko, the belated video of Taraikovsky’s death, which poses more questions than answers, can play an important role in exerting pressure on Minsk. We all know perfectly well how hyper-compassionate Western legislators are to innocent victims, while Belarusian George Floyd will create and maybe is already creating the necessary effect to isolate the Belarus leadership from the rest of whole world.

In the conditions of such isolation, it will be much easier for the Kremlin to put pressure on Lukashenko and implement any of the existing scenarios for the Anschluss of Belarus, depending on the current situation and priorities.

And therefore, indeed, Belarus has got its George Floyd, who died under very strange circumstances — either from an explosion or from a bullet fired by a “mysterious” gunman. And the moment of death was caught on camera by a journalist who had been more than once caught lying to promote Russian narratives, and who is now supported in the lates endeavor by a GRU operative under a journalistic cover. Nothing unusual…

Alexander Kovalenko

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