Georgia: “Elections” In Abkhazia: Russian Occupiers, Chinese, Turks & Armenians

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The Georgian Foreign Ministry in a statement has described the so-called “elections” in the breakaway Abkhazia as another unsuccessful attempt to legitimize the occupation of the region and the de facto annex the region.

Official Tbilisi calls on the international community to give a proper assessment of the illegalities and take effective measures to suspend ongoing illegal processes in the occupied territory.

“The Foreign Ministry regards the so-called presidential elections in the occupied Abkhaz region as another illegal action directed against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia.

Against the background of hundreds of thousands of forcibly displaced persons and refugees being expelled from the region of Abkhazia as a result of ethnic cleansing, and the situation on the spot completely controlled by the occupying forces, naturally, the so-called elections are completely contrary to the fundamental norms and principles of international law and will not have any legal force.

“Obviously, the so-called presidential election is another unsuccessful attempt to legitimize the results of ethnic cleansing in Abkhazia, the ongoing illegal occupation and actions aimed at the de facto annexation of the region.

The international community will never reconcile with attempts to violently change the sovereign borders of Georgia, or with illegal actions taken by Russia to erect wire barriers along the occupation line, militarization and gross violations of fundamental human rights.

“The Foreign Ministry calls on the Russian Federation to respect its international obligations and to implement the ceasefire agreement concluded with the mediation of the EU from August 12, 2008, to change the illegal decision on the so-called independence of the occupied territories. The Foreign Ministry also calls on the international community to give a proper assessment and take effective measures to suspend ongoing illegal processes in the occupied territory,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

We should recall that in the Russian occupied region of Abkhazia, “nine candidates competed for the presidency, including incumbent President Raul Khadjimba.” A total of “35 constituencies and 152 polling stations” were organized in the occupied region.

The so-called elections in the occupied Abkhazia were to be held on July 21, but due to the fact that the health of the “opposition candidate” Aslan Bzhania worsened in May, the “opposition” demanded to postpone the “voting” date. Proponents of Bzhania insist that he was poisoned. This is the seventh so-called elections held on the Georgian territory occupied by Russia.

In connection with the “elections” in the separatist region, Gela Vasadze, a well-known Georgian pundit of the Institute for Strategic Studies of the Caucasus, expressed his opinion.

“Abkhazia held the “presidential election”, and it doesn’t matter until the end, or not yet to the end, the point is not that. Abkhazia itself, that is, what’s inside, is a dark forest for me (Karabakh has nothing to do with it, about it separately). Judging by what they write about them, Abkhazia is the most democratic part of Georgia, well, if you omit the history and background of the issue, that is, imagines that ethnic Georgians as such do not exist in nature, we disappeared, we are gone.

I represent the satisfied faces of many who read these lines. It is sad for some comrades, we are and we have to reckon with this factor. But now it’s not about that, but that if we forget about the Georgians in principle and the ethno-centric character of the internal regime of Abkhazia, this corner of Georgia is the most democratic of all other democratic ones,” Vasadze said.
The pundit further noted that participation in the “elections” of Turkish citizens is not an initiative of government structures.

“Now, as for the “observers,” here it is again about democracy. By saying, it is again about democracy, I mean that it’s worth paying attention to venal useful idiots from Europe only in that they will have the opportunity to visit only the occupied territories from the regions of Georgia and only as long as these territories occupied. I am interested in the citizens of China, Turkey and Armenia who participated in these “elections”.

Everything is clear with the Chinese; most likely, these are the very Chinese who are doing business in Abkhazia. And here is a hello to our authorities – I am very interested in whether these same persons have been identified, whether information about these persons has been transmitted to the Chinese embassy with the requirement to take appropriate measures, is it explained to the Chinese side that Georgian-Chinese relations could be seriously affected due to the behavior of such citizens,” he stressed.

Commenting on the participation in this “political circus” of Armenian citizens representing occupied Nagorno-Karabakh as “observers”, he asked the Georgian authorities a question.

“As for the citizens of Armenia representing Karabakh, the situation here is even sadder. The Armenian authorities perceive these citizens as officials. I wonder, our authorities explained to the Armenian authorities the possible negative consequences for relations between Georgia and Armenia in connection with this sad fact.

Not? In vain, because there are already negative consequences, albeit unofficial, in the public opinion of Georgia. Well, on Turks, there are certainly not “official” persons; In general, representatives of the Abkhaz diaspora in Turkey, but this are not a reason not to pay attention to it. As for Russia, I have no questions here, the occupation of the region explains everything, oil painting,” the expert noted.

We should recall that the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the so-called “elections in Abkhazia. Azerbaijan supports the territorial integrity of Georgia and does not recognize the results of the so-called “presidential elections” in Abkhazia, the statement of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said.

“Azerbaijan once again confirms its support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and does not recognize the so-called `presidential elections’ and their results in the Abkhaz region of Georgia on August 25 2019,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry considers it necessary to continue negotiations to resolve the Abkhaz issue peacefully in accordance with international norms and principles.

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