Germany may delay Nord Stream 2 construction over bird migration issues

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The pipeline route goes through the wintering areas in the Baltic Sea.

German environmentalists say the government should turn down the request by the Nord Stream 2 operator to pursue with construction through the winter, a time when migrating birds choose their wintering grounds. Kim Detloff, an activist with the Union for Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity, claims that part of the pipeline is set to be laid through the area of the European Bird Reserve, where more than a million birds are soon to arrive, ZIK wrote, citing a report by Deutsche Welle. The activist says this is why the community of environmentalists insisted that the construction process be completed by the end of December. “Now, given the new conditions, work should be done on a bird-friendly schedule, that is, in the summer of 2020,” he said.
The Nord Stream 2 press service, commenting on such calls, said the pipelines would have to be laid as early as this winter, as Denmark’s permit has a time limit. At the same time, experts say one of the reasons behind the company’s will to complete the job as soon as possible is the fear of the fallout over the introduction of U.S. sanctions, which could take effect late December. Earlier, senior analyst at the Vilnius Institute for Political Analysis, Marius Laurinavicius, said Nord Stream 2 was a threat to Germany’s national security. Also, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she did not approve of US sanctions against the construction of the Nord Stream 2.

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