Military expert Mammad Mammadov: Provocation of war

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Gas is the reason the Kremlin forces military aggravation between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Apparently the Kremlin is annoyed by the fact that the Azerbaijani side does not respond to the provocative statements of the Armenian authorities! Indeed, the Kremlin, in the current situation, when the other day gas will go to Europe from Azerbaijan, escalation at the front, war, is very important!

Such tension should alert European buyers so that they do not stop looking at Russia as a seller-guarantor of this raw material.

Probably, the visit is stimulating in order to provoke the Azerbaijani authorities to “decisive measures” in relation to Armenia.

“They say that they do not fit, and they will support us in freeing at least the territories around the so-called. upland of Garabagh. ”

I think that if this option does not work out for them, then we should expect other actions, most likely coercion to war!

This is due to the fact that verbal provocations from Armenia will go into action at the front, escalation of war from Armenia.

Of course, it is necessary to liberate its territories, and Azerbaijan is more interested in this, since its integrity is violated, and it needs to liberate the occupied territories.

But the question is, in this situation – it is more beneficial to the Kremlin!

The war in Syria is a Kremlin project that did not benefit from the laying of a gas pipeline that would deliver Qatari gas to the European market.

The skirmishes in Myanmar (Burma) are also from a series of Kremlin plans to prevent China from giving up Russian gas.

Now, all sorts of provocations to resume the war in the Caucasus are again needed by Russia, although this is a necessity for us, but not at the moment, since there is no third-party interest behind this.

Why does Moscow still want the escalation to go from Azerbaijan?

It is very simple so as not to offend your “brainchild” – Armenia, not to make her guilty of escalation and the outbreak of war in the eyes of the world community.

Pictures for request armenia azerbaijan war

Azerbaijan has its own difficulties, most of course cannot cold-bloodedly accept provocative statements from the Armenian authorities, but the fact that the Azerbaijani authorities no matter what they endure, to put it mildly with a “cold shower”, is apparently very unnerving for the Kremlin.

I wish all the Kremlin cards to be beaten onward!

And the Kremlin script did not go!


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