Russia keeps hiding real coronavirus stats

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The latest report on the spread of the novel coronavirus across Russia has only confirmed that the government doesnät even consider to stop spinning lies.

It’s a genetic thing for Russian authorities to conceal unpleasant truth until the last moment. It’s always been this way — regardless of the name of this country or the ruling political system, be it the Russian Empire or the USSR. Be it the famine in the Volga region, the Holodomor in Ukraine, the war against Finland, the Chornobyl nuclear blast, the invasion of Ukraine, or anything of this kind.

The ongong coronavirus pandemic is once again demonstrating the lengths the Russian government may go to hide all truth about the epidemiological situation in the country. But first things first.

So, the government of Russia’s Yakutia has confirmed the fact that more than 3,000 employees at Gazprom’s Chayandinskoye extraction field were infected, of which I wrote in my recent piece.

But what’s the problem, one might ask. On May 5, government officials at the meeting led by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kolodeznikov spoke openly about the latest hike. In particular, it was reported that 168 workers were transferred to hospitals in Yakutsk, Lensk, Mirny, Noyabrsk, and Omsk, another 600 workers — to hospitals in Bashkiria, and another 150 infected employees were put in clinics in Omsk and Volgograd. The rest are set to be distributed among medical institutions in 20 regions.

Indeed, no problem, right? It’s just this was preceded by a hastily deleted statement on Telegram about more than 3,500 sick workers posted by Deputy PM of Yakutia, Olga Balabakina, as well as massive protests of the field’s employees outraged by labor conditions and an incidence spike, which authorities branded “fantasies of bloggers and alarmist liberals”… But in the end, it might seem, the government admitted its mistake. Well, it hasn’t.

According to today’s COVID-19 update for Russia, a total of 10,559 new cases were reported. What’s important though is that the data for Sakha (Yakutia), the number of new cases stands at 17, which clearly doesn’t equal 3,500.

So the lie goes on. And this lie gives birth to carelessness. Indeed, against the backdrop of Victory Day propaganda, the May holidays are expected to become a catalyst for an even larger-scale outbreak of coronavirus in Russia. But can Russians be anxious about it when acceptable and calming lie surrounds them? However, this lie sometimes has a fatal outcome … Although, Russia also lowers the coronavirus death toll for the sake of calming propaganda, keeping the official figures below 1% mortality for the past month.

By the way, the federal media have also finally reported on the situation at the Chayandinskoye field. In particular, RIA Novosti spoke about “246 cases” of COVID-19 there…

The lie lives on.

Alexander Kovalenko

Post Author: Intercourier

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