Russia’s “aid” for U.S. pure PR stunt aimed at having sanctions lifted – Ukraine’s senior diplomat

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For Putin his own image matters more,” Bozhok noted

“Russia helps everyone but Russians, who are the first one Kremlin should care about during COVID2019,” Bozhok wrote on Twitter , commenting on the news by the Russian Mission to the UN on the arrival of Russia’s alleged aid to the U.S.
“But for Putin his own image matters more,” Bozhok noted. “Of course, he wants to show up ‘whiter than snow’ in a desperate attempt to lift sanctions amid dramatic decrease of oil prices…”
The UN, USA, Donald Trump, the State Department, and New York City “should be aware that for more than a week now Russia blocks transit through its territory of humanitarian convoys with medical goods directed to Ukraine for fighting COVID2019,” the deputy foreign minister added in a separate tweet.
“This is the real face of #Putin and #Kremlin regime,” Bozhok wrote.
Also, the diplomat pointed to another piece of “fake news” on the part of Russia as the country’s mission to the UN claimed the An-124 Ruslan that brought the “aid” cargo to the U.S. is a “Russian” aircraft.
In fact, Bozhok noted, it is a “Ukrainian aircraft, designed and assembled by Antonov Company, located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Several of those aircrafts were stolen by Kremlin after collapse of USSR along with a lot of other Soviet property belonging to Ukrainians.”

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