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The Russian Federation enter in active phase to ruin the evidences and investigation results of JIT on MH-17 flight case with political, economic positions abroad and influence agents involvement.

The trial on MN17 will commence in March 2020. During it defendants and witnesses will be announced. As this event approaches, Russia is trying to influence on the course of the investigation and change the findings that were released by the International Investigation Team (JIT) in June 2019. They acknowledge that the aircraft was shot down from the anti-aircraft missile unit “Buk” from the 53rd Air Defense Brigade.

As the political crisis in the United States is in a full swing, as well as the process of establishing effective communication of the Office of the President of Ukraine with European partners, Russia is trying to seize the moment and get rid of sanctions pressure by shifting responsibility for the MH-17 catastrophe to Ukraine. On July 17, 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation accused the Netherlands Government of actually ignoring Ukraine’s authority responsibility that did not close the airspace over the area of hostilities.

Prior to the voting in the Dutch Parliament, Russia had actively worked out a similar position with the Malaysian leadership. In May 2019, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad stated that the MH-17 investigation was ‘politicized’ and no specific facts supporting the allegations against Russia had been provided. It should be noted that by the order #725 issued July 4 2003, Mohammad was awarded the Russian Friendship Order for his great contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between the Russian Federation and Malaysia.

Background: During the meeting with M. Mohammad at the EEF 2019, President Putin called Malaysia the most important Russia’s partner in Asia, and the Malaysian prime minister expressed interest in gaining access to high-tech developments in Russia, particularly in the space industry. Malaysia developed military cooperation with Moscow buying arms, including Su-30 MKM fighters.

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