Russia trying on the role of the world “savior” amid coronavirus spread

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It seems that Russia is trying to catch some hype off of the recent deployment of its “rescue” contingent to Italy. Now they decided to try their luck in the U.S.

Russian Ambassador to the U.S., Anatoly Antonov, says Russia is ready to help America in its fight against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, Antonov notes that Washington has been concealing the true scale of infection spread.

Frankly speaking, hear Russia offer assistance to the U.S. is like watching some low-grade surreal and grotesque episode. Even weirder is hearing Antonov claim that the U.S. government conceals the true extent of the epidemic. These words are being voiced by the envoy of a country where the government says there have only allegedly been under 500 coronavirus cases, despite a vast section of land border with China and millions of Chinese nationals crossing in and out uncontrollably… Isn’t that absurd? It sure is!

But the point is not so much about the fact that the ambassador is lying. The point is what goals he pursues.

It is obvious that Russia has launched a major campaign promoting itself as a world savior, rushing to help everyone who’ in need. This campaign also diverts public attention from their own internal collapse, shifting focus on the problems of others. Moreover, this focus is being put with a Freudian slip — accusing someone of hiding “horrible” truth.

Thanks to this approach, Russia is resolving a set of tasks aimed both at discrediting the U.S. government and doing cheap self-PR — with activating a number of pro-Russian sleeping agents of influence in foreign governments, calling for lifting sanctions off of Russia. Here it’s worth recalling the Italian and German puppets of the Kremlin. Also, I should mention UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who called for the G20 leaders to lift sanctions that “impede” the fight against coronavirus.

What we’re seeing now is rather disgusting, to say the least: the Kremlin is now implementing its new project, not only manipulating the global problem of coronavirus, but also risking the lives of its citizens and people in other countries. On the other hand, PR on blood has long been a norm for Kremlin bastards.

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