Russian propagandists at it again, claiming Ukraine Army shelled Donetsk suburb, killing civilian at his home

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Fake reports from the occupied territories are piling up.

After the entire pool of Russian “blood-thirsty” propaganda pundits was deployed in the occupied Donetsk, it was worth expecting provocations that would be staged to imitate a Ukrainian offensive and shelling of the civilian neighborhoods in the stronghold of the “independent Donbas”. And so they kick off.

On Wednesday, April 14, a video was uploaded, allegedly shot by a Donetsk resident, capturing an apparent shelling of the suburb area, which is claimed to be an attack by the loathed Ukraine forces. The video, however, immediately raised a number of questions.

  • What a nice timing, indeed, and what a perfect view for the one who’s been filming… Literally, a perfect sighting of incoming shells with the commuter bus stop in view to show that it indeed is the Donetsk suburb that’s under fire. How “lucky” the cameraman appears to be to get a perfect spot for shooting a war video!

 How come, despite the excellent direct-fire view, the one holding his cell phone camera was unable to film from a proper angle, rather than at a 45° angle. Why is the entire video made so clumsily? Obviously, it’s not because the author is an aspiring Terry Gilliam wannabe, but because such a distorted view makes it way more difficult to determine the direction from where the shelling is coming.

Obviously, the video alleging that the Ukrainian Army is shelling a residential neighborhood in Donetsk has been staged, especially considering that it was massively circulated by Russia’s propagandists from the pool oh-so-well familiar to us.

On Thursday, these propaganda pundits spat out a story claiming that the Ukrainian Army monsters opened fire at an apartment block at Novorossiyskaya, 15, killing a male resident, 59.

Now, let me make clear where the building is actually located. This is the northern part of Donetsk, east of Spartak, just about 3.3 km to the front line.

And now, let’s go back to the local man’s death. Media outlets controlled by Russian proxy forces posted photos of the victim’s apartment and the general view of the block. Surprisingly, there are no signs seen of a shell hitting the house, which by the way is in a disgusting state. In the kitchen — that’s where the man died, as per the reports — there are also no traces of a blast, only a broken window leading to the balcony. So was it a sniper, perhaps? But, what kind of sniper would hit anyone at a 3.3 km distance across rugged and dense urban terrain?

A while later, Russian propagandist Alexander Kots published a photo of the “122mm shell fragments” allegedly retrieved from the scene. Among many things that remain unclear is where it had been taken from exactly — was it pulled out of the victim’s body or collect anywhere around?

But most importantly, where are any traces of the blast crater? Indeed, as seen in the picture of the kitchen and the body in it, it is obvious that it was never hit by a 122mm shell. Consequently, the man must have succumbed to shrapnel wounds, this could suggest… Now, I should repeat my legitimate question, where has “the shell” ultimately landed? In theory, the crater must be somewhere by the apartment block in question. Besides, the photo providing a general view of the house shows a single window broken — the one in the victim’s apartment. At the same time, neither the window of his apartment’s balcony, nor the neighbors’ ‘balconies and windows, nor the walls contain any traces of shell fragments.

In fact, the very photos posted by these sorry disinformation culprits prove that the apartment block in question was in fact never shelled. The depressing view of the house is a result of major municipal mismanagement by occupying authorities and the lack of public services in the city as such. At the same time, no traces of shelling or shrapnel are in sight. At the same time, complete disregard of such an important nuance as the spot where “the deadly shell” actually landed by the Russian “journalists” reporting from the scene, suggests that these warmongering propaganda crews are trying to make up another fake story about the shelling of Donetsk by Ukrainian forces, exploiting a scene showing what could as well be an aftermath of some drunk fight that went horribly wrong.

As it often happens, Russian propagandists confirm own incompetence. The only “positive” thing in this whole story, if I may, is the fact that their supervisors have not yet greenlighted an actual MLRS to be used against some apartment block in Donetsk for staging a provocation and accusing Ukrainians.

Alexander Kovalenko

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