What Points In Trilateral Karabakh Peace Deal Make Billionaire Satisfied

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Russian-based ethnic Azerbaijani billionaire and former senator Farkhad Akhmedov is positive about the peace deal between Baku and Yerevan brokered by Moscow.

After the ceasefire agreement entered into force, the guns on the Karabakh front are silent for the second day. But volleys at the information front are thundering with the same force and as if suddenly, new tones sounded in this cannonade, Akhmedov opined in his article. His views expressed in the report were translated into Russian by Strati think tank group to let its readers to get a fresh view of him.

If the days of celebrating our undeniable victory can be overshadowed by something, it is grief for the soldiers who died a heroic death in the performance of their military duty during these six fateful weeks, or civilians who died in their homes as a result of the barbaric shelling of peaceful cities by the enemy and villages.

However, right now, from the dark corners, the long-forgotten voices of the representatives of the Facebook opposition are heard, who from the couch distribute their “expert” assessments to the network, he claims.

Farkhad Akhmedov responds to the “Facebook opposition”

In their opinion, the trilateral ceasefire agreement in Karabakh is a “trap” for Azerbaijan. Claims are voiced against the country’s military-political leadership that it did not bring the war to a “victorious end” (without explaining what this means) and allowed the deployment of Russian peacekeeping forces in the conflict zone.

For the sake of fairness, I note that this opinion is shared by a certain – not the main, but still noticeable – part of our society, which has formed high expectations against the background of our military successes. In this regard, I have the following to say.

Let’s mentally go back to the early morning of September 27, 2020, D-Day, in military terms.

As of this moment:

– We had a fifth of our ancestral territory, with hundreds of settlements, national shrines, and rich natural resources – occupied by the enemy.

“We had 700,000 fellow citizens who had the status of IDPs, who had lived for almost three decades with the seemingly unrealizable dream of returning to their abandoned homes and ancestral graves.

– We were under the constant psychological pressure of our defeat (yes, defeat!) in the First Karabakh War (FKW).

– We were holding exhausting, unpromising negotiations on a “political settlement” with outright sabotage on the part of Armenia and “equidistant” indifference of international mediators.

Now let’s see what we were able to achieve as of “D+44” – on November 10, 2020, when the ceasefire agreement came into force.

Historic victory of the Azerbaijani army

– In a short time – in six weeks – the Azerbaijani Armed Forces managed to defeat the enemy, who had been preparing for war for years. Many aspects of the Second Karabakh War (SKW) will enter the annals of modern military art.

– The enemy was forced to peace, in fact – to surrender. Read the statements of the Armenian leaders, they are available on the first click in Google.

– We returned by force of arms what belongs to us by right – Fuzuli, Cabrayil, Zangilan, Qubadli and Susa.

– In the coming weeks, realizing the political fruits of the military victory, we will return under our control (already without a single shot and drop of blood!) Three more districts – Agdam, Lacin, Kalbacar.

“The syndrome of defeat, which has dominated us since the end of the FKW, has sunk into oblivion. Now we can walk with our heads high and face the future openly.

– The myth about the “invincibility” of Armenia, which was cultivated not only by the Armenians themselves, but also by their external allies, has been debunked.

– Azerbaijan has further strengthened its international authority and reached the level of a regional power that must be reckoned with.

– Azerbaijan received a lot of other advantages, the importance of which we realize a little later – for example, the possibility of unhindered ground communication between the “main land” and Naxcivan.

I believe that even the most biased critic cannot dispute these obvious results. But! War would not be a war if it did not take its share of lives and money. And it goes not on the squared ring, where two are fighting; it has many external participants, each of which will not miss an opportunity to intervene to achieve their interests.

And here the main quality of a real strategist is of great importance – to find that very elusive moment when it is necessary not to succumb to the dizziness of military successes, to stop in time, to transfer the confrontation to the political and diplomatic plane and start dictating our terms at the negotiating table.

In the SKW, such a moment of truth came on 10 November. Historians and descendants have yet to appreciate the wisdom and foresight of this step of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Now I’ll ask a simple question to the couch critics: what could you suggest as a real alternative? What does it mean to “fight to the bitter end,” more specifically?

Go to the line of the state border with Armenia, overcoming the resistance of the enemy, who, despite defeats and losses, would continue to resist? Pay for every square kilometer that has been reclaimed in blood? Are you ready to go yourself? Do you know the dollar value of one day of war? Do you realize how difficult it is to wage a war in the face of constantly growing external pressure, when in statements from foreign capitals notes of threats of the use of military force and sanctions begin to sound?

Ilham Aliyev inscribed his name in history with golden letters

Basically, I’m not surprised by what is happening. While the hostilities were under way, the leaders of the “Facebook opposition”, realizing that in the conditions of an unprecedented rise in public patriotism, nothing could shine for them, through force they voiced vague statements about “support” of the military-political leadership.

But now, when the guns fell silent, they decided that they had a “window of opportunity” in society, on the one hand “warmed up” by the military victories won, and on the other hand, shocked by the human losses they had suffered.

They expect that people who have become addicted to the daily military reports from the TV screen during these six weeks will now, under the conditions of the truce, begin to read their pages in the Facebook. That is why they started this record about the “stolen victory”, therefore they are picking the text of the agreement, trying to find the “pitfalls” in it. This is done with the obvious goal of launching the “pendulum effect”, stirring up discontent and, who knows, trying their luck to bring the case from Facebook to Maidan.

I’ll tell you straight, gentlemen – you have nothing to count on. The overwhelming majority of society thinks sensibly and sees before itself completely different goals and objectives. We have to celebrate and perpetuate the victory. We need to mourn the victims and pay our debt to their families and friends.

We should psychologically return from a state of war to a state of peace. We need to return the refugees to their abandoned homes. We have a lot of work to do to restore and reintegrate the liberated territories. We need to restore and strengthen good-neighborliness and cooperation in the region. We need to continue living, working, raising children and being proud of ourselves. For this we need peace.

And the agreement of 10 November is the shortest, most effective, and the only possible way to this peace, which fixed and consolidated all the successes and achievements of Azerbaijan, and all the defeats and concessions to Armenia.

Its most important result was the First and Second Karabakh Wars, and the Third will never happen! I want to congratulate all of us on the Victory that brings peace. And not just peace, but peace on our terms.

And to thank President Ilham Aliyev for this holiday, which is with us now. His perspicacity, endurance and endured inhuman exertion of forces were one of the decisive conditions for our common success. Thank you for the victory, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief!

For my part, I promise you, dear friends, that the traditional Pomegranate Day, which I have been organizing in Goycay for many years, will be held on Victory Day from 2021.

At the end, one more point needs to be added. Another extremely important thing directly follows from the agreements reached yesterday night – the status of Nagorno-Karabakh will be formalized in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan. There are simply no other options.

The guarantee that it will be so is the signature of President V.V. Putin.

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