Zelensky’s U.S. visit under information blow of Kremlin minions

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Even before Volodymyr Zelenskyy set foot on American soil on his first visit to the country since Joe Biden took office, a dirty campaign, outrageous in its absurdity, was launched against him and Ukraine as a whole. Moreover, it’s no surprise that the effort kicked off by an American “expert”, who had long been spotted for his pretty much undisguised sympathy for Russia, that’s to say the least.

On the pages of The National Interest, Ted Galen Carpenter published a piece entitled “Ukraine: Washington’s Bellicose Security Client,” in which he refers to Ukraine as too risky a partner for the United States!

The so-called “expert” believes that Kyiv’s domestic policy is all about authoritarianism, not democracy, that Zelensky pursues a policy of undermining civil liberties, and that Ukraine’s foreign policy has been insanely aggressive. Therefore, he claims, Ukraine is a dangerous partner, which is similar to Afghanistan, but with reckless territorial ambitions.

And that’s just a tip of the iceberg…

Of course, all this schizophrenic passages about “authoritarianism” and “unrealistic territorial ambitions” could have been ignored had the article not been published by The National Interest and had it not been circulated widely across the media space by a plethora of Russian outlets, ranging from the fringe segment, such as “Krasnaya Vesna,” and to higher-tier platforms, such as InoSMI.

In fact, what we’re all seeing is a massive psyop launched precisely to exert pressure and discredit the U.S. visit of the Ukrainian leader. On the positive side, however, the way the operation is developing proves that the Kremlin hasn’t managed to employ any new names to channel their agenda so the same old team of Kremlin minions is on the pitch.

For example, The National Interest has long since compromised itself as a platform relaying pro-Russian narratives across the U.S. information space.

It is noteworthy that in 2015, the same outlet released a piece by an exposed Russian spy, Maria Butina, who claimed it was only a Republican who could make America great again, hinting at Donald Trump, as part of a large-scale Russian interference in the upcoming 2016 election campaign.

Then on June 18, 2020, The National Interest published an oped by Russian President Vladimir Putin, which he used to distort World War 2 history in the eyes of an international audience!

As for the “expert” Ted Gallen Carpenter, the guy has gained notoriety due to the peculiar context of his articles.

Among the recent examples was Ted Galen Carpenter’s article entitled “Joe Biden’s Ukraine Policy: A Repeat of George W. Bush in Georgia?” he penned for The National Interest this April. In that piece, the author accused Joe Biden in advance of provoking a conflict between Ukraine and Russia. No, it’s not Russia who’s to blame, despite it having invaded Ukraine in 2014 and occupied Crimea, as well as part of Donbas, regularly pulling loads of military hardware and tens of thousands of servicemen to the Ukrainian borders, increasing tensions.. It’s not them, no. It’s precisely the president of the United States!

Then, in the midst of the SeaBreeze 2021 exercise, Ted Galen Carpenter penned a piece for The National Interest claiming Ukraine didn’t fit the role of a U.S. ally. That’s all because, the “expert” stressed, Ukraine being home to rampant “Nazism”. What a familiar narrative, indeed…

Interestingly, the “pundit” never uses factual material in his “analytical” pieces. For example, he pays no attention to the fact that the number of informal radical groups in Ukraine is no larger than in any other European country, or that autocracy is a form of government that could rather be attributed to a hybrid country that pays Ted Galen Carpenter for his articles. Meanwhile, Ukraine ranks much higher than Russia in the rights and freedoms rating.

Obviously, the Russians are truly concerned about Zelensky’s visit to the United States, therefore employing all possible resources to compromise the trip. But, at least, I am glad that these “resources” are pretty much represented by “experts” who have long discredited themselves and outlets that deserve no trust. The main thing is for these wannabe experts not to be dragged into Ukraine’s information space by our wannabe media.

Zloy Odessit

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