Russia intends to blame “insidious” West for its vaccine failure on world stage

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The Russian campaign to promote their Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine, implying bribing government officials and medical experts to promote the drug abroad, as well as spreading fake news about Western vaccines, boomeranged against the masterminds behind this very campaign.

First, the United States and the EU have openly accused Russia of large-scale circulation of lies and manipulation as regards the efficacy of Western vaccines.

Secondly, over the past few months, Russia has been facing a total fiasco in their vaccine exports. In Argentina, the delivery schedule has been badly disrupted. Similarly, in Paraguay, where the situation is even more disastrous… At the same time, one political scandal after another is sweeping over the countries intending to purchase the Russian drug. After all, the facts are being exposed of corruption schemes and bribery of officials who had been lobbying for Sputnik-V in their home countries.

Thirdly, the Russian plan to produce their vaccine at facilities abroad, given the shortage of domestic capacities, has also turned against Moscow. After all, right after Russia proudly claimed that their Sputnik-V would be produced in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, the official authorities of the respective countries immediately refuted such statements.

Russian propaganda keeps stepping on rakes in the global battle to promote its vaccine. This time, they couldn’t think of anything better than to announce that the United States was preparing a large-scale campaign to compromise the Russian drug to help Pfizer! Actually, Russia decided to blame the United States for what Moscow has been doing over the past year… Very “clever”, indeed. In fact, it’s truly ridiculous an attempt, and you know why?

The thing is that the existing production capacities will allow Pfizer to sell 2 billion doses before year-end. In turn, Russia’s capacities cap this year’s sales of Sputnik V at 25–30 million doses.

Exactly, Sputnik-V, which has no decent competitors globally, is so much “in demand” and so “massively distributed” that guys in Pfizer are probably grab their heart pills whenever they hear the name. So, yes, they just crave to go discredit the Russian jab!

In fact, though, why bother? After all, the Sputnik V has long completed a rather easy task of discrediting itself.

Actually, Russia’s game of preemption, aimed to blame some third party for the fiasco of their vaccine on the world stage, is clear as day. But will be of any help to Russia? I doubt it!

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