Beating at one point for a long time – the wall will fall, not only Boeing

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The Kremlin is guided by this saying, organizing informational campaigns that are beneficial to it and that can last for years with the help of controlled media, dishonest officials and populists.
And to the shame of Western democracy, freedom of speech and pluralism of opinion, it must be admitted that Moscow succeeds.
On October 8, the Dutch parliament unanimously voted to investigate the role of Ukraine in the crash of the passenger liner MH17 over Donbass in 2014.
This event was preceded by the demand on October 1 of the Christian Democratic Party (CDA) and the Socialist Party (SP) to initiate a “full investigation” of Ukraine.
Dutch Foreign Minister Stefan Blok, in turn, said that such an investigation is not an easy task, as it will require cooperation not only from Ukraine, but also from Russia.
It is Russia that is seeking its own participation in the investigation in order to directly influence the results, to replace investigative actions and evidence.
A month ago, Vladimir Putin said on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok that Moscow would not recognize anything without Russia’s full participation in the investigation of the Boeing777 disaster.
In unison with him, Malaysia, as the Kremlin’s longtime lawyer in this case, insisted on a new investigation involving Russia, given the “mistakes” made by the international investigation team (JIT). Kuala Lumpur also repeatedly raised the topic of responsibility of a country that did not close airspace over the war zone, and also spread frank misinformation, stating that Ukraine had lowered its flight level for flight MH17.
It is noteworthy that in early September, the Russian-Malaysian wave of the Kremlin’s exclusion from involvement in the crash occurred immediately after the visit of Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev to Kuala Lumpur (08/27/2019), which discussed in detail with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad an investigation into the crash.
Obviously, after Malaysia came the turn of Europe itself.
After returning to PACE and completely ignoring the assembly of the findings of the MH17 investigation, Moscow has stepped up the process of dismantling the JIT, as well as the powers of the Security Council of the Netherlands (DSB), given to it by a UN Security Council resolution to investigate the disaster.
Thus, the Kremlin is completely destroying international institutions, the legal field and the very foundations of a democratic society.
Chris van Dam, a Christian Democratic MP, said on Twitter that Dutch MPs were worried about why Ukraine hadn’t closed airspace over the armed conflict zone.
It should be noted that back in 2014, the JIT established that the Ukrainian authorities closed the airspace over the conflict zone from July 1 to the FL260 level (7900 m), and from July 14 to the FL320 level (9750 m).

These data are also confirmed by the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation – the airliner was on the authorized flight level FL330 (10,050 m), which significantly exceeds the ceiling of flights of the military transport aviation of Ukraine, which suffered significant losses on the eve of the incident.
It was also established that Ukrainian air traffic controllers offered Boeing pilots to change the level to an even higher level, which they refused.
But the Dutch parliamentarians, initiating the question of investigating the role of Ukraine in the disaster, do not mention the long-established facts. They operate on the results of a survey conducted this year, which showed: 87.5% of the relatives of the victims believe that Ukraine should be held accountable.
The Russian media consider progress that the Dutch parliament raised the question that Kiev, having allowed criminal negligence, should be brought to justice.
Moreover, they are already forming the following agenda: with an objective investigation of Ukraine’s involvement in the disaster, conclusions about Russia’s fault will crumble to dust.
This means that as the date of the meeting of the Hague Circuit Court approaches (03/09/2020), exclamations about the Kremlin’s non-involvement in the death of the liner and calls for the lifting of sanctions will sound more often and louder.
In conclusion, it should be noted that, despite the decision made in Amsterdam, parliamentarians themselves do not depart from the position of Russia’s guilt.
During the debate in the House of Representatives, confirmation of this sounded repeatedly. Therefore, the official version that the plane was shot down by Russian “Buk” from the territory not controlled by Kiev is not called into question.
Let us hope that the Dutch understand that the will of others is more terrible than captivity.


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