The people did their thing

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The word “corruption” has long since eroded. This “lady” has been one of the three most painful problems in our country for the last twenty years. Expert estimates of the extent of corruption differ, but almost all experts agree that amounts are stolen every year in the country compared to the state budget of Ukraine. All political forces, all Presidents, all Governments put the fight against corruption as the first and second issue of their activity. Everyone struggled with it, but … No, of course they were, they were loudly shown to the public, but over time it became clear that the scale of corruption after these successes was only growing.

The perpetrators of this state of affairs have always been – the President was interfered with by the Parliament, in which there was no ideological majority, the parliamentary factions were interfered with by other factions that did not vote for anti-corruption laws, because they had their own projects and did not want to agree, and each Government was interfered with by the President and Parliament. , as well as own ministers including “predecessors”. Since all these institutions have always been staffed with representatives of different political forces in the history of Ukraine, the game of “translate arrows” continued with each rotation, and though it had long been terribly tiresome for people, no one knew what to do with it.

The answer, as is the case in life, she herself knocked on the door in the form of a young and cheerful Goloborodko, whose own name was hardly known by then.


In the year of the presidential and parliamentary elections, they issued a double, full, mandate to power a person who was never close to her.

All the numerous disadvantages of such a choice of the people, such as the lack of necessary knowledge and experience of management, were blocked by one powerful plus – the Promisee promised not to steal, and he was wanted to be believed and believed.

The election that shocked Ukraine’s political class, and the fact that the People did not stop, and elected to Parliament – all who were asked by the new President, once again testifies to the degree of desperate hope that the People have placed on their Elect, and the extent to which He will ask him sometime.

Today we see, once again, already a new political generation, seeking to make corruption a priority public relations task for ourselves, beloved.

The editorial appeals to President Zelensky’s political team in Parliament and the Government, reminding them that the MAIN SOURCE of corruption in Ukraine (and not only) is the Government.

And only Vlad.

So our people have already won their victory over corruption – when you have given all the power to you, in one hand. Now it’s easy for you to overcome it, just don’t do it – and it won’t. At least at the State level (see the local authorities later). If you have the will and will to do so, next year we can see that to finance the public needs, the money in the budget will be much larger, though both the incomes and the economy as a whole are stable.

Isn’t it just a miracle?

Do it – year, second, third – and you will change the country.

You will be hated by the political class – and what is it to you? He hates you so much, there are enough reasons.

By destroying corruption at the state level, you will also destroy your political antagonists – because all of them are historically dependent on corruption rents.

We do not care, and we very much want you to succeed.

The people did their thing. And ready – as usual – to watch the show through.

Popcorn stocked.

So, good luck to you, Elect!

August 2019

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